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bread book

  • Bread Revolution by Duncan Glendinning and Patrick Ryan

    Bread Revolution by the award-winning bakers Duncan Glendinning and Patrick Ryan is an engaging and accessible bread-baking book for beginners with plenty of interesting and unusual bread recipes Right from the moment you look at the cover of Bread Revolution the tone is set. On the front is a pair of likely lads looking like a right pair of cheeky bakers. However, do not be fooled. Patrick and Duncan know their stuff and have set up their own successful award winning artisan bakers, The Thoughtful Bread Company, in South West England.  There is something quite earnest about...

  • Bread by Nick Malgieri

    Review Bread by Nick Malgieri, from  Kyle Cathie Books £18.75 Written by a former pastry chef with over sixty recipes for bread, rolls and cakes Packed full of ideas for what to make with the bread once baked Inspiring photography Appealing very much to my own sense of waste not want not, particularly with precious homemade bread, Nick Malgieri’s Bread is a baking recipe book with a difference. It supplies recipes for over sixty breads, rolls and cakes then provides recipes for the bread once baked – and shows how to use up the leftovers. Nick...

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