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chicago metallic

  • Knead to know

    Chicago Metallic Baking tin

    With parties and picnics, summer is the perfect time for baking a sweet treat. Here are five of our top tips on achieving the perfect cake:

    • Coconut works well in fruity muffins and as well as being healthy, lends a lovely fragrance to a cake. Talented cook, Lucy Parissi, shares her recipe for banana muffins using coconut oil on our blog.

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  • USA Pan 9" Pullman Loaf

    Our 13" Pullman Pan from Chicago Metallic has been very popular, and has prompted requests for a smaller version and so we have started to stock a 9" Pullman by USA Pan, a sister company to Chicago Metallic. The recipe below is based on the Practically Perfect recipe, adapted to fill the 9" pan. Using the quantities below, you have the basis upon which your can alter the recipe to suit you. Ingredients: 385g Little Salkeld White flour (75%) 115g  Little Salkeld Granarius flour (25%) 25g Dried Malt Extract (or milk power) (5%) 12g sugar (2.5%) 25g softened butter (5%) 300g warm...

  • Practically Perfect Pullman (13" pan)

    Pullman Pan Loaf

    After many requests, here is our simple recipe for a very soft white loaf which is excellent for packed lunches. It is certainly seems to make a popular change with the children from the more usual sourdough loaves that they have to suffer! I suppose that we could all do with light and fluffy once in a while. Read More

  • Malty Chocolate Fudge Bundt Cake

    A mouthful of a name, worth it though. A chocolate fudge cake made with the addition of some dried malt extract in place of some of the sugar and baked in a Bundt cake pan. Bundt cakes are becoming increasingly popular as even with no or minimal decoration, the finished cake looks great taking on the ring pattern of the mould and helping to ensure even cooking. The Bundt® pan was invented in the US in 1950 by Nordic Ware and by 1960 became the most popular cake pan in the US. Read More

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