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  • Chocolate and Banana Sourdough Muffins

    This is the recipe I am most often asked for. It is THE sourdough muffin recipe I bake to enjoy with a cup of tea of coffee in the morning break of my sourdough classes.  It is a big deal to share it and I am doing so in the name of not wasting sourdough starter. It's a super quick recipe to make and really makes great use of un-refreshed sourdough starter to add a back note to a sweet treat - which gives these muffins a superb depth of flavour. I can't recommend the muffin cases highly...

  • Chocolate Sticks Recipe

    Recipe Courtesy Jane Mason The Book of Buns Buy The Book In my first book there is a description of a bread safari in the Western Cape. One of the amazing bakeries in that lovely region of the world is De Oude Bank Bakkerij in Stellenbosch. The bread is fantastic and these chocolate sticks are super fantastic. I have made the recipe up because I forgot to ask for it and I think the result is close to the real thing. Predough 100g warm water 150g plain white wheat flour pinch of yeast (any kind will...

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