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Here is a list of artisan baking courses. It isn't exhaustive, and if you would like to add one, please let us know by sending your course details via this link.
  • La Cuisine Paris

    A French cookery school in the heart of Paris, offering a range of classes conducted in English. Learn how to bake baguettes and fougasse in the French Baguettes & Boulangerie class, or choose to perfect your pastry skills in the Le Croissant & Breakfast Pastries class. Take home freshly baked goodies to enjoy at home, along with newly acquired skills to practice in your own kitchen.

  • Bakerz@Work Academy

    The academy was set up in 2012 by artisan baker, William Woo and partners. They have recently relocated to the current address with a set up of about 3000 sq feet. The new location allows them to further expand their bakery, pastry courses and also sufficient space to conduct international masterclasses. Some of their classes and programs include : Bread Baking Foundation Artisan Bread Program Advance Artisan Bread Program Professional Bakery Program – suitable for potential bakery owners Basic Cake Program – suitable for home bakers Cake Decorations Program 1, 2 & 3 Chocolate Making Professional Cake Program...

  • Tracebridge Sourdough

    Sourdough for the Homebaker A day class, 10.30-4.30 where you learn how to make wheat and rye sourdoughs. Everyone (max 6) goes home with a starter culture, the loaves they made and schedule of how they will fit a sourdough regime into their own work/life routine. Taught by Gordon Woodcock of Tracebridge Sourdough; £89 (concessions please ask). Sourdough for the more Experienced Baker A day class 10.30-4.30 for anyone who has already experimented with sourdough and wants to improve their results. A small class (max 5) taught by Adam Lawrie and Fleur Hoyle of The Bakery at...

  • Bakery Institute

    Always wanted to know more about bread baking and want to experience how things work in a bakery? The Introduction Bread&Pastry course is a very intensive week which will give you the experience if various basic disciplines in the wonderful craft of the bakery. In this week you will learn the basics in ingredients, the kneading, the shaping of the loaves, proofing the bread, scoring and baking the bread in a very intensive four day program. You will start immediately with doughs that take more than one day to prepare, different grains, breads baked in a tin and directly on...

  • Hen Corner

    Whether it’s welcoming guests to our courses or working with schools, Hen Corner is bringing together the country and the city, helping you turn your urban corner green. Over recent years Sara Ward and her family have transformed their Victorian terrace house into an urban smallholding allowing them to have the best of both worlds. Nestled in West London, they are living the good life complete with 20 hens, two colonies of honey bees, a fruitful kitchen garden and a micro bakery which is making 30-40 loaves of bread each Friday along with hundreds of sticky buns, cakes and savoury...

  • Levain Bakery

    The Levain Bakery runs a range of bread making classes which teach essential skills and techniques for baking perfect loaves. Most classes are conducted in Cantonese, but private English classes can be requested.

  • The New Zealand School of Food & Wine

    Located in downtown Auckland, the school runs a wide variety of cooking and hospitality courses. The short courses on offer include two covering artisan breads. The Bread Dough To Ciabatta class covers classic white and wholemeal loaves, sourdough and ciabatta, while the Brioche To Focaccia class teaches techniques for making brioche, English muffins, rye sourdough and focaccia.

  • Brettschneider's Baking & Cooking School

    Baking classes at the school are run by Dean Brettschneider and include Basic Bread Baking, Bread Baking with Grains, and Italian Flatbreads & Pizza. Once you have completed the Basic Bread Baking class, there is the option to extend your skills on one of the two-day advanced bread baking courses.

  • Crust & Crumb

    Crust & Crumb is a home bakery in Johannesburg which offers monthly Artisan Bread Making workshops. The one-day class covers the science behind long fermentation bread, as well as the practical techniques for mixing, shaping and baking a perfect loaf. There is a light lunch of freshly baked pizza and lots of hands-on experience.

  • The Artisan Bread School

    Based at MozzaPi Pizza in Louisville, Kentucky, The Artisan Bread School runs Introduction to Sourdough and Pizza Making classes. For keen bakers there is also the Bread Camp €ŸØ five days of intensive baking, covering everything from milling your own flour, through baking theory, to practical bread making skills.

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