These wonderful bread rolls have deep aromatic Indian toasted cumin combined with plump sweet sultanas. By using the base of the cloche to proof in, you get a lovely flower shape and the salt glaze gives them a beautiful shine.

Hydration 66%

Example schedule:

  • Preferment 9pm leave in the fridge overnight (otherwise, make 4 hours ahead and leave on worktop)
  • Dough 8am
  • 9.45am bake.

Recommended equipment: 

La Cloche baking dome



Salt-water glaze:

  • 7g salt mixed with 20g luke warm water

Get the Cumin and Sultana Roll Kit


9pm: Make the preferment:

In a bowl combine your flour, yeast and water. Cover with a damp cloth and leave for 11 hours in the fridge or 4 hours on your worktop. Making a preferment gives an extra depth of flavour to the finished bake.

8am: Make the dough:

In the morning the preferment should be quite puffy - it is between a dough and a poolish.  It will remain at this peak for about an hour, you can extend this for longer by leaving it in the fridge.

Pour the water into the bowl and loosen the preferment.  Add the flour and salt then mix the dough together using a dough whisk, alternatively get your hands in there or use a stand mixer. Keep mixing until you have incorporated the entire mass of dough into one.

Put your sultanas into a bowl and cover with luke warm water. Leave for 20 minutes then drain. Discard the liquid.


Toast the cumin in a heavy based pan for 2 minutes – this releases the aromatic oil and facilitates the flavour dispersal - be sure not to burn them though.  Add the sultanas and cumin to the dough. Over the next hour, fold the dough every 20 minutes for 10 seconds, three folds in total. This helps build structure in the dough.

9am Divide and shape:

Turn your dough onto a floured work surface. Using a scraper divide the dough into 10 equal size pieces. Roll each piece into a ball. Dust your cloche with semolina place one ball in the centre and then arrange the others tightly around it to make a flower pattern.


Place your cloche lid in to the oven and preheat your oven to 220℃ for 30 minutes while the dough is proving (this avoids over-proving your dough while waiting for the oven to come up to temperature). The La Cloche lid must be very hot.

The dough doesn’t need long to prove. Place a damp cloth over the base of the cloche and prove until doubled in size (about 45 minutes). At the end of proving, glaze with salt water and if you like, sprinkle with more cumin seeds.

9:45am Bake:

Remove the cloche lid from the oven. Place the lid onto the base containing the risen rolls, and bake for 40 minutes then check. If they need a little longer, or more colour, remove the lid and bake for another 3 -4 minutes.



Remove the rolls from the cloche and place onto a wire rack.  Allow to cool. Store your rolls wrapped in a clean cotton bread bag.


Proving in the Cloche base