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Demuth's Cookery School

T: 01225 427938

A: 6 Terrace Walk

Demuths cookery school is situated in the centre of Bath, just beside the Abbey and a 5 minute walk from the train station. Our cookery courses are fun, relaxed and full of flavour. We welcome all food lovers, whether you are vegetarian or not, all our courses are suitable for vegetarians, and many are vegan, raw and gluten-free. Led by Rachel Demuth, our teachers are experienced chefs, our kitchen is spacious and inviting, and our location is perfectly situated in central Bath. Come eager to learn. Leave inspired.

We run regular baking courses, from beginner to artisan to sourdough baking.

On our beginners day you will learn:

Our bread day offers an introduction to bread making, one of the most satisfying cooking activities there is. There's a certain magic in starting with a bowl of flour, yeast and water and ending up with a warm, sweet smelling loaf.

You'll experience a bit of this "magic" by baking all kinds of breads, such as:

  • Irish soda bread
  • All-purpose easy dough for Italian rosemary focaccia, pizzas, pittas and bread sticks
  • Wholemeal seeded dough for tin loaves and bread roll nests
  • Cheese scones
  • Sweet dough for fruity buns or cinnamon swirls

You'll walk away with some essential bread skills so you can carry on at home:

  • The right types of flour to use including strong white, wholemeal and spelt
  • An understanding of different types of yeasts and raising agents
  • How to mix, knead and bake bread of various shapes, sizes and flavours
  • How to enrich a dough and add flavour
  • How to proof dough and get the perfect rise, crumb and crust in your bread

Expect lots of hands-on bread making, plus tips on how to get the most from your bread machine for those that have one. We'll provide a delicious lunch to compliment the breads we make, served with organic wine or juices.

There will be lots of bread to take home and a recipe pack, so you can continue your bread making at home. And you will, because it's difficult to go back to store-bought bread once you know how to bake bread at home.

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