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ethical chocolate

  • Original Beans - The Very Best Organic Chocolate - Flavour and Ethics

    Everywhere you look there is a large range of chocolate available as confectionary and for cooking (couverture). Which is good - which is bad? Not easy questions to answer in the chocolate industry, much of which is still wracked with dubious labour practices and where the vast majority of chocolate is produced by a small number of processing conglomerates from which the familiar brands buy their materials. What makes the best chocolate? The answer to this is quite straightforward and similar to most other foods: use the very best raw ingredients and don't add anything else that cheapens or disguises the content. Chocolate should only be cocao, cocao butter and raw cane sugar (and milk for milk chocolate of course). No need for emulsifiers, lecithin or vanilla, all of which are signs that the product is compromised in some way. At BakeryBits, we want to offer the best ingredients without compromise. Original Beans is a Swiss-based chocolate company that produces only organic chocolate bought directly from individual smallholder farmers, all based in biodiversity hotspots, paying well above the Fair Trade premium generating funds for training and planting seedlings to extend the local rainforest. Continue reading

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