Experienced sourdough baker for immediate start

We’re an up and coming bakery in South London with sites in Putney and Streatham. We have an excellent reputation, two shops, and we’re about to open our first cafe too. Building your reputation for quality takes time, so we may not be the top bakery in London yet, but we’re forecasting excellent growth and one of our immediate aims is to put our mark on the scene. To help us achieve this, we need to fill our team with more people who have the enthusiasm and ideas to join in our success!



We’re currently looking for a full-time sourdough bread baker to join our team. The role will involve the usual mixing, folding, shaping, baking and handling artisan sourdough bread. Shifts will include some cleaning and organising too. You will also be expected to contribute to the running of the bakery and perfection of our products - adding your ideas and expertise to help us all make a great and steady working environment.

The ideal candidate

- You are committed to artisan methods, using time and whole ingredients, rather than additives and shortcuts, to create great baked goods.

- You have previous experience with artisan sourdough breads -- around a year of production experience would be perfect. If you have less experience, but a burning passion, please contact us anyway: if you have ‘the gift’ for sourdough we may not have a full-time position for you straight away, but we’re sure we can help you develop your skills quickly to help you get there.

- You're dedicated to high product standards and know how to turn out gorgeous bread.

- You're able to pick up any bread at any stage (mixing, shaping, baking) and execute it to perfection.

If you have the skills and enthusiasm to join a growing team and put your mark on our production and products, please apply now!

What we have to offer

- Dedication to whole ingredients, sourdough leavens and artisanal methods. You will hold your head high working here.

- A changing menu. Your input will be sought and appreciated when we develop new products.

- A dedicated and even tempered head baker. Very far from being a prima donna, our head baker is a great guy and always treats everyone with respect. He doesn’t lose his head when there’s a problem either, even at 3am.

- A growing order roster. You won’t be thrown in at the deep end: we’re building our team before taking on more orders than we can handle. Imagine The Magnificent Seven riding casually into town to take on the unhealthy, cynical world of mass-produced bread, and you get the idea.

- Excellent training. We believe that everyone who works in a bakery should develop the skills to run a bakery, so as your career with us evolves, so will your responsibilities and tasks.

- Location: Putney. The bakery is very close to Putney rail station, and a ten minute walk to East Putney underground station. There are many buses (including 7 night bus routes) that pass through Putney too.


  • Permanent
Expected hours
  • Full-time

Qualifications Required   


Personal Qualities




  • London Living Wage employer. ‘Nuff said? Your wage will keep pace with the London Living Wage every year. It’s currently £9.75.



  • Send us your CV today for immediate consideration! jobs@elephant-bakehouse.co.uk