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Fill your kitchen with the smell of this Nordic spiced Christmas bread

I really enjoy trying Nordic flavours, in part I’m sure to my heritage. Many of the flavours are unlike those found in the UK, often using spices quite differently to the ways that we are used to. Breads are a good example, typically with more bite than the average loaf in the UK, with a strong tradition for spiced rye breads.

This week, Vanessa has come up with a step by step guide to baking Joululimppu, which is a typical Finnish Christmas bread. Tantalisingly moist from the buttermilk, it is sweetened with dark treacle and has a nutty rye base and deliciously fragrant from the toasted fennel and caraway seeds.

The trick to making this wonderful bread really sing with fragrance is lightly toasting the freshest fennel and caraway seeds because this both transforms and accentuates the flavours. I’ve also added glycerine to this dough - it is a wonderful ingredient when added to enriched dough as it makes the dough softer and reduces the drying effect as the bread ages. One thing to watch out for though when baking enriched dough is that you don’t catch (burn) it while it is baking. Using a cloche will protect your bread as it bakes and give you a beautiful even crust all over.

Fennel Seeds, Organic, 40g

Organic fennel seeds (actually the fruit) are from an aromatic herb traditionally used in Europe. Organic fennel seeds have a taste suggestive of anise, being warm and spicy with an almost medicinal freshness. 40g packed in a glass jar.


Vegetable glycerine is a sweet-tasting liquid that makes the crumb of your cakes, cookies and yeast baking extra soft and moist.

We’ve got everything you need to bake with this Christmas.. Don’t forget to take a look at our festive lines

Candied Rainbow Mix

A simple mix of the best Italian produce, for a Florentine, pannetone, or even tutti-frutti ice cream, this fruit will enhance what you bake.

Aroma Panettone Essence

The traditional panettone has an unusual flavour that requires these essential oils in order to have an authentic taste. When used in the dough alongside good quality candied peel the result will have a powerful sweet citrus flavour and fragrance.

Allspice Powder, Organic, 45g

Organic allspice powder is a very popular and highly aromatic baking ingredient from the allspice berry. 40g packed in a glass jar.



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