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Frequently Asked - What Size Proving Basket?

We are often asked about the size of baskets that customers should go for and  whether the weight given with the proving basket description is the weight of the basket, the dough or the amount of flour to use for that basket.

How much dough will the banneton hold?

The answer is that the weight, say, 500g round cane banneton, tells you the weight of dough that the proving basket is designed for is 500g.  Take care that this is a nominal weight - if the dough you make is particularly dense, it is less likely to need as much space and a light or very active dough that will puff up more. The weight is a good guide though and the baskets are very forgiving!

What size of proving basket do you need?

It may help to compare with typical bakery or supermarket loaves to get a handle on the sizes you may be used to. Bakeries tend to sell loaves in 800g and 400g or 2lb and 1lb loaves but bear in mind that most mass-produced and supermarket breads will have had improvers added to make sure that they puff up much more than properly made bread.

Very broadly, a 500g proving basket makes a small family loaf which is about enough for a lunch for a family of four, although 750g might be right if you have teens. A 250g loaf is about the right size for a couple or someone living alone and a 1kg is good for a hungry family and their packed lunches - of course a lot depends on just how tasty your bread is...Make a fantastic loaf and it'll be gone in a trice.

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