I’m determined that we are still in the middle of summer but my Autumn raspberries tell me that isn’t so, sadly. However, I think the Autumn ones taste better than the summer varieties, to me they taste more like the wild raspberries growing wild in Norwegian verges. What to use them for? The raspberry jam is already made, the sun still shines, what about making some summery bakewell tart slices from Vanessa and eat them outside.

Sweet raspberries on a crisp base, with raspberry jam in an almond frangipane must be the perfect summer bake. It’s a simple recipe that gets better if you have the will power to leave it overnight. My key piece of advice is to use the Italian bitter almond. The combination of raspberries and almond is a classic. What really makes this bake sing with delight is the wonderful natural essences from BakeryBits. Just be careful not to put too much in as it is very strong.

Vanessa Kimbell's Raspberry Bakewell Kit

Vanessa Kimbell's Raspberry Bakewell Kit contains the excellent Silverwood 9" square slide-out brownie pan, a bottle of Bitter Almond Essential Oil, Stoate's organic plain flour and a pot of the excellent Highfield handmade Devon raspberry jam.

Bitter Almond Essential Oil

The authentic flavour of the famous Italian biscuits Amaretto di Saronno, the essence gives a curiously rich bitter sweet almond flavour. Perfect when used in recipes that contain a high proportion of ground almonds as it enhances their natural flavour.

Slide out 9” Tray

Silverwood slide-out 9x9 inch square brownie pan with a slide-out tray that making it easy to remove the cake, retaining its shape, ready for cutting into portions.