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Get a Free Noble Baking Case

The wooden baskets from Panibois, already popular all over France for baked goods are rapidly becoming a common sight in the UK. Used by high-end food retailers and good farm shops, they are ideal not only for baked foods but for quality ready-made meals and display. They have the right look for farm shops and meet the rising expectation for minimised packaging. We’ve had customers using them for mini panettone and for a snack holder at a fancy wedding.

Made from thinly sliced, sustainably grown European timbers, the baskets come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. I like how most have been given interesting names from the French titles of nobility rather than some obscure manufacturer code. Jaunty names such as “Duc”, “Marquis” and “Sire” – although they lose their way a little with the less romantically named “Octoron” I think.

Our friends at Panibois have offered to give away a Duc basket for all orders over £5 received before 5pm 25th August. Why not use it to bake something special and post a photo on our Instagram page? The one judged to be the best by 31st August will get a whole case of 100 Duc! For entry details see below *. Just a bit of fun to show off your inventiveness.

To help you with your creativity, Panibois has provided a tasty apricot loaf using fermented dough. You can also see the recipe on our resources page (for 3 Duc-sized loaves rather than 1).

Recipe: Apricot Loaf with Fermented Dough

White bread made from stoneground flour tastes great. Add a little rye flour to it and it tastes even greater. Use fermented dough to raise the bread and it is greater still. Now, add some dried apricots and it is the greatest.

The recipe makes one 500g loaf, just right for the Duc baking mould which means that the loaf can stay in the mould from final proving through baking to serving, taking any selling, hiking or freezing in its stride.

Method (Fermented Dough)

To make the bread, make the fermented dough the night before and put it into the fridge, for a few hours before and keep it warm to develop ready to add to the main dough.

To the water add the yeast and stir until evenly dispersed. To this add the flour and the salt and form into a dough with your fingers or a dough whisk. Give a knead for about a minute and then place the dough in a covered bowl either in the fridge if keeping until the next day, or in a warm room for about 6 hours. The dough will have risen to about double its volume when ready.

Method (Main Dough)

If you are using a dough mixer, add the water, fresh yeast, fermented dough and both flours and start to mix at a slow speed until combined. Next, add the salt and knead at a fairly slow speed for about 3 minutes and add the apricots 30 seconds from the end.

If preparing by hand, in a large bowl stir the fresh yeast into the warm water until dispersed and then add the fermented dough and flours, mixing together with a dough whisk or your hands if you want to dive in. Turn out onto your work-surface add the salt and apricot and then knead for about 5 minutes, until the dough becomes smooth and elastic.

Fermented Dough Ingredients:

• 45g Strong White Flour
• 35g water
• 3g fresh yeast
• 2g salt

Main Dough Ingredients:

• 85g Fermented Dough
• 200g Strong White Flour
• 45g Rye Flour
• 135g warm water
• 3g fresh yeast
• 5g salt
• 40g dried apricots, halved

featured products

Panibois Duc | £5.76

Duc wooden baking mould from Panibois 175x110x60mm, made from poplar wood with lining paper. These moulds are designed for baking and presentation of breads and cakes and are fully biodegradable.

Bioreal Organic Fresh Yeast | £1.00

Excellent fresh organic yeast in a 42g cube or 1kg block, additive and GMO-free, use directly in place of the non-organic equivalent.

Sunmix Spiral Dough Mixer | from £883.56

Sunmix mixers, exclusively distributed by BakeryBits in UK, in the 6 to 60kg dough range and are perfect for baking schools, micro bakeries and the keen home baker with much larger models available. The spiral action of the mixer makes it ideal for mixing sourdough in larger quantities.

*Competition entries: Photos must be your own and must be of your bake in a Panibois Duc please. Our judgment is final, no cash alternative and is subject to availability.

Do you have a sourdough question for Vanessa? Send it to us and the best ones will appear in our next postbag edition and receive a dough whisk.

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