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Get ahead in time for Father’s Day

Father’s day is almost here again and for the very organised we’ve looked through our range for the best Dad products. Something here for the beginners and advanced alike, gadgets and of course something for the curry lover.

Sunmix Spiral Dough Mixer from £733.76

A great gift for any father who is serious about his bread making, these have proven to be very popular since their introduction earlier this year. The spiral mixers come in a range of sizes. So whether your dad is a serious home baker who regularly dazzles the whole family with stunning, freshly baked loaves, or aspires to opening a micro bakery to feed the local community, there is a Sunmix mixer suitable for him. Built to high standards in Italy, these mixers have a spiral action which mixes and kneads the dough efficiently – ideal for sourdough. They even come in a range of colours… just choose your dad’s favourite. Note that Sunmix mixers are made to order so allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. We want you to be able to give your father a gift on Father’s day, so for each mixer ordered we will send a free handmade black walnut lame. Not only will you have something to wrap for the big day, your dad will have a beautiful and useful gift to enhance his bread making.

Mini Raytemp Infrared Thermometer £28.80

This is one for the gadget-loving dad. Simple to use and very accurate, this compact non-contact thermometer measures temperatures from -50°C to 330°C, making it perfect for everything from testing water temperature for dough to checking oven temperatures. Customers tell us that this thermometer is especially good for bakers who use an Aga or wood-fired oven. So if your dad is a keen pizzaiolo and regularly fires up the pizza oven, this is the gift for him.

Lammas Fayre Medieval Blend Beremancorn Flour £4.20

Pronounced “Beer-Man-Corn”, it is hard to think of a more dad-like name for a flour. If you’re looking for something a bit different for Father’s day, this could be it. After much careful research, John Letts has sourced and grown heritage varieties of barley and wheat to recreate a flour that wouldn’t be out of place in the medieval kitchen. The grains, which would have been a common sight in medieval fields, are stoneground and blended for an authentic historical baking experience - just imagine you could soon be eating homemade medieval bread.

Brød & Taylor Folding Proofer & Slow Cooker £139.00

A gift for the dad who needs the perfect environment for proofing dough to get reliably brilliant results. We have had so many positive comments from customers who have a Brød & Taylor proofer we just have to recommend this piece of equipment to anyone who makes their own bread. And it’s not just for bread – this gadget is also great for making your own yogurt and now, with the newly revised model, can be used as a slow cooker. It folds away neatly when not in use, but most people I’ve spoken to tell me it’s so versatile they rarely put it away.

Opinel No. 116 Bread Knife Beech Handle £29.95

We love this beautifully crafted bread knife. It cuts perfect slices from even the crustiest of sourdough loaves. Made in France, it has a solid beech handle that is lovely to hold and has a strong stainless steel blade. Superstition has it that giving a knife as a gift brings bad luck…taping a penny to the blade is said to ward off any misfortune, so we suggest you do that before giving this knife to your dad!

Handmade Black Iron and Oak Peel £57.49

This is a gift that will give your dad’s baking a professional touch. It’s perfect for getting loaves and pizzas in and out of hot ovens, without any burned fingers. The peels are handmade in Shropshire at the Netherton Foundry using the best steel and oak, and are really sturdy…this is a gift that will last a lifetime.

Carbon Flour or Powder (Farina di Carbone) £4.75

Does your dad like to add something a little different to his baking? If so, this could be the perfect present for him. A plant-based powder that gives bread, pizza bases and homemade pasta a striking black colour. Give him a pot of this charcoal powder on Father’s day, and see what imaginative bakes your dad comes up with.

Ceramic Fermenting Jar £33.00

Homemade sauerkraut and kimchi is all the rage. Fermented vegetables are a great way to add new flavours to meals, and are reputed to have huge health benefits too. This jar has a really clever design that makes getting started in the world of fermented foods really easy and enjoyable. A gift that could be the start of a whole new hobby for your dad.

Offley Mill Wholemeal Chapatti Flour £2.10

Wouldn’t your dad love to have some homemade chapattis to go with his Father’s day curry? This flour makes great chapattis…and there’s even a recipe on the bag. Give your dad a bag and you could both be having fun in the kitchen, and producing some tasty flatbreads at the same time.

RoMi’s Pantry

We recently heard about RoMi’s Pantry and thought you might like to hear about them too. A very positive beacon of bread-making – if you have your own example, please let us know.

RoMi’s Pantry is a new and small bakery in Acoats (Manchester) with a strong social commitment to make real bread available to all. Sold in local markets (Chorlton, Levenshulme), they try to make their products affordable and nutritious.

Their commitment extends even further, sending leftovers to local organisations and charities where it can still be used and enjoyed. They collaborate with food banks, as well as getting involved with Real Junk Food Manchester and the Gaskell Garden Project on their pay-as-you-feel meals. The Gaskell Garden Project is doing a great job with refugees, with a big network of support (legal, social, food-water, learning). They promote permaculture too and grow vegetables refugees can take home on a weekly basis. RoMi has plans to build them an oven so they can make their own bread.

Do you have a sourdough question for Vanessa? Send it to us and the best ones will appear in our next postbag edition and receive a dough whisk.

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