A bread-making book that gets the dough made and the oven turned on rather than just pretty pictures is something to behold. Emmanuel Hadjiandeou’s Making Bread Together is one of those, with twists on classics and recipes that jump out at you, so this week we’re really pleased to share his recipe for Minestrone Soup Sourdough.

Making Bread Together is a step-by-step guide ideal for involving children and teenagers. It’s the kind of book to get out on a rainy day and enjoy whilst chatting and laughing in the kitchen when the grandchildren or your nieces and nephews visit. It’s also the kind of book you would bake from when they’re not about!

Award-winning Emmanuel, who is renowned for his passion for artisan bread originally trained as a baker in South Africa. He has a unique international outlook on baking due in part to having a Greek father, who lived in Egypt and an Argentinean mother, with a German background. Emmanuel is well known for having a really in-depth knowledge of continental breads, having also worked in Germany.

We have a really special prize to give away this week: a day baking with Emmanuel at the beautiful School of Artisan Food. Everyone buying one of the Minestrone Soup Sourdough Kits before the end of February will have free entry into the competition (see terms).

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