If the frenetic activity on the farm next door is anything to go by, the wheat harvest this year seems to be both early and bumper. The golden wheat was collected in July compared, in recent years, with late September or even October. Those years produced poor quality wheat with low protein levels. This year though, the English wheat should be excellent – such is the variability due to our temperate climate.

Sourdough September is celebrated across the UK by hundreds of bakers and bakeries using this year’s harvest Beaujolais nouveau style. We asked Chris Young, coordinator of the Real Bread Campaign to tell us more about Sourdough September and why it is so important.

PS in the meantime we thought we’d ask you all to send in your sourdough photographs to be posted to our gallery. Send yours to gallery@bakerybits.co.uk and we will announce our favourite one at the end of Sourdough September!

Simple Sourdough Starter Kit

A simple kit containing the items needed to make your first sourdough loaf including dried sourdough starter and a pot to store it, flour, proving basket, scraper and grignette for slashing the dough.

San Francisco Sourdough Bread Starter

Goldrush San Francisco Style Sourdough Bread Starter, the perfect way to start sourdough bread baking

1kg / 2.2lb Round Cane Banneton

1kg round cane banneton or bread proofing basket designed to hold 1kg dough during the final prove.




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