Artisan bread-making is an extremely rewarding and traditional craft using natural leaven to raise the dough and create fantastically tasty sourdough breads! So how do you get started?


As a guide, here is a list of items you may like to consider to get started in artisan baking:


  1. The Handmade Loaf - this book contains easy-to-follow basics to get going making great artisan bread.
  2. Dough scraper - an essential for moving the sourdough around since it is wetter than yeasted doughs
  3. Grignette - a specialist handled blade for scoring dough before it is baked for crust patterns
  4. Proving baskets - sourdough is proven over a long period and baskets provide support to give the loaf shape. The round 500g cane baskets are the most popular.

Nice to have:

  1. Baker's Peel - for quickly bringing dough/loaves in and out of the oven without causing it to cool excessively.
  2. Baking stone - pre-heated in your oven, it gives the dough under-heat which adds to the oven rise (or "spring").

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