Field of Oats

Whilst trying to reduce my processed food consumption, I’ve taken to adding a handful of oats to my breakfast bowl. I love Sunday morning porridge with fruit or honey and it’s a real bonus that they do lots of good things from strengthening our immune systems to reducing our cholesterol. Oat grains are a wonderfully nutritious food. They are high in carbohydrates and contain about 17% protein, only 7.5% fat and they are a source of calcium, iron, and vitamin B1.

The proteins in oats are not glutinous. Being a gluten free cereal means that you cannot make bread with just oats – add salt and water and some yeast to oats and you’ll get a yeasty porridge. So to bake bread with them you need to replace between 10 and 20% of your flour with oats, use good quality strong flour and that way your bread gets a decent rise.

We're celebrating oats this month by giving away 3 bags of oats to the best idea of what to do with them!


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