<strong>Summary:</strong> We are an award winning bakery in East Dulwich. Our focus has always been on quality and consistency over volume. You will be working with established formulas that our customers have grown to love, but there is on-going scope for developing new and seasonal products, different ways of working, and forging relationships with suppliers.

<strong>Business Name:</strong> BRICK HOUSE

<strong>Email:</strong> fergus@brickhousebread.com

<strong>Location:</strong> LONDON

<strong>Closing Date:</strong> 08-02-2019

<strong>Remuneration:</strong> £30,000

<strong>Job Description:</strong> As Head Baker, you’ll be leading a small team of young and enthusiastic bakers and pastry chefs, maintaining the quality of our offering and helping drive the business forward. The ideal candidate will have a proven track record of making and baking high quality bread using natural fermentation, as well as laminated and enriched doughs, and some management experience. You will also have a good understanding of the numbers side of the business, including managing orders, GPs and stock control, and be proficient in food safety and HACCP procedures. Aside from the bake shift, the majority of hours are during the day, offering an enviable quality of life for this kind of role.

<strong>Contract:</strong> Permanent

<strong>Expected Hours:</strong> Full Time

<strong>Personal Qualities:</strong> A great leader, a craftsperson with an eye for detail.<br/><br/>

<strong>Applications:</strong> CV and cover letter please

<strong>Contact:</strong> <a href=“mailto:fergus@brickhousebread.com” style="font-size:14px!important;">fergus@brickhousebread.com</a>