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Head Baker for Trove Foods

Summary: The only essential ingredients for making great bread are flour, salt and water. As much as possible, the flour we use is organic and stoneground. We keep our use of commercial yeast to a minimum, preferring to let time do the work, and our sourdough loaves are risen only with naturally occurring yeast.

Business Name: Trove Foods


Location: Manchester

Closing Date: 29-06-2018

Remuneration: £19,000-21,000

Job Description: Trove is expanding and we are looking for a new ambitious Head Baker, who is passionate about all things bread, and wants to work in a creative and challenging environment

We offer opportunities to progress and develop in our growing company. We strive to offer a good work/life balance, although some night shifts will be required, we work very agreeable 8-hour shifts, 5 days a week.

Once a husband and wife team, Trove is now a collection of talented artisans making food from scratch, by hand, with a central focus on organic ingredients and locally sourced produce.

Contract: Permanent

Expected Hours: 40

Personal Qualities: Our ideal candidate is as follows:

Somebody who has an overriding passion for and in depth knowledge and experience in baking.

Creativity in developing exciting new products.

Great communication skills, updating the bakery team with relevant information day-to-day and in meetings, and communicating well with the management team.

Great organisational skills, the ability to lead and forward plan bakery production in an efficient effective way.

Knowledge and experience in coaching staff.

A good leader, somebody who sets a good example and is assertive. Somebody who is a good motivator and is result orientated, ensuring the team is focused on their objectives.

A good understanding of our customers’ needs and requirements.

A positive attitude towards work, if problems arise, having the ability to come up with innovative solutions to such daily challenges.

The ability to be fair and honest as a manager.

The ability to take accountability for their own goals, fostering a culture of accountability within the bakery

A good decision maker, the ability to make the right decisions using their experience and the information to hand

Applications: If you want to join us and be part of an exciting time for the business, please send us a CV and cover letter. The closing date for applications is Friday 29th June 2018.


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