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Head Bakery for The Freedom Bakery

The Freedom Bakery is a new social enterprise. We are the first artisan bakery to start up inside a prison in Scotland at HMP Low Moss near Glasgow. We will provide on the job training and qualifications to prisoners. We are a social business who uses the proceeds of our sales to fund our work and we will reinvest our profits into the community. We aim to provide both a high level of training and experience to our prisoner team, whilst also achieving a high-quality, consistent product range which is well respected and sought after by our customers. Freedom will initially begin a small wholesale trade with customers in Glasgow, and later in the year open a café concession within the prison itself, in what is quite a unique and exciting enterprise in the UK.



  • The Freedom Bakery is looking for a talented, and experienced head baker to lead the team and manage production at Freedom. The candidate will be in charge of a team of 8 prisoner team members, 5 in a shift. The role requires a good deal of flexibility, and a creative approach to production planning and operations. The ability to lead peers in a supportive and encouraging environment is essential, yet the ability to maintain quality in the product, and achieve targets is also highly important.

    This is an ideal opportunity for a baker looking to move into a management role, produce their own repertoire, and enhance their career by working with others keen to develop new skills.

    We are a small team, and have a very flat heirarchy. The applicant therefore, will find an equal measure of responsibility and support, sharing a workload with the project manager and the managing director. We will encourage our head baker to pursue new ideas, and support their own professional development through a small allocation for product development and research trips.


  • Permanent
Expected hours
  • The job is a full-time position of 40 hours per week, and will require some weekend work.
Qualifications Required   
•    A proven career working in an artisan bakery, with the ability to demonstrate production of artisan bread (including sourdough), pastry and patisserie work.
•    Experience of working within a team, operating flexibly and openly and leading others in their tasks.
•    An encouraging, attentive and open-minded approach to people and work. The applicant will spend much time with the team and need to build a genuine, natural rapport with them.

•    The ability to assess SVQ/NVQs in food preparation.
•    Any previous experience whether voluntary or salaried of working with vulnerable people, or on community projects.


Personal Qualities

The ideal candidate will:

  • Encouraging and attentive
  • A Team player
  • Independent and Resourceful
  • Confident and people-focused



  • Salary £24,000pa


  • Interviews will take place in Glasgow (and potentially London) on 23rd and 24th April respectively.

  • We would like the successful candidate to be ready to begin in late May or early June at the latest.

  • We will consider applications from ex-offenders without prejudice.

  • Send applications to

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