Slashed loafIf you make bread then you will usually use the basic ingredients, flour, or a combination of your choice; water; a little salt and yeast (be that fresh, fried, sourdough, a backing ferment or whatever). You might, if using a bread machine, or if you want a more cake-like bread, add some milk, egg or oils to the dough. Then perhaps some seeds such as sunflower, pumpkin, poppy or sesame. There is a range of other, wholesome ingredients that most bakers, especially those who bake at home are not aware of: these are malted ingredients.

Malted ingredients come from the brewing, or more accurately, the malting industry. By taking various cereals, most commonly barley, and malting them, the cereals develop a complex range of flavours and useful properties that are used in the brewing and baking industries. Normally, these ingredients are used in small or very small quantities, just to give a hint of flavour or subtle change to the bread - but all of them, like your favourite bread recipe can be experimented with to get that perfect combination.

Nut-Brown Malt Flour is a good example. It is made from roasted malt barley and smells lovely and imparts a delicious, mouth-watering flavour to your bread, malt loaf and buns. It also makes the dough and finished bread darker. It is used in fairly small amounts - about 20-60g per kg flour - but this is one to experiment with.
Malted Wheat Flakes smell and taste great with a pleasant chewy texture. Add to breads to give a rustic appearance and an extra malty flavour. Typical use is 150g per kg flour into the dough, or add as a topping. Or both...
A magical ingredient made from malted barley, Diax, or Diastatic Malt Flour is used in small quantities (about 10g per kg flour) in your usual bread recipe, the bread rises better, has a softer crumb and more crust colour.
DME, Dried Malt Extract or Spraymalt is malt extract, spray-dried from malted barley and may be used as a sugar replacement to give a mouthwatering malty flavour to cakes and buns. It also provides an alternative to refined sugars.
RBM, Roasted Barley Malt flour is an extremely dark non-diastatic roasted barley malt flour. It has a tremendously deep, rich and warm flavour to match its dark, red-brown colour. It is typically used in rye bread to give a richer colour and to brown or wholemeal breads or bagels to give a more rounded flavour and warmer colour. Typical usage is 5-10g (0.5-1%) per 1kg flour, but the exact quantity is up to you to decide.

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