Finest Italian Flour ProducersDelicious artisan bread starts with quality flour and we’re pleased to announce the arrival of Italy’s finest range of flours from Mulino Marino here at BakeryBits.
Mulino Marino’s story began in the mid 1950s when founding father, Felice Marino, learned that there was a small mill for sale in the town of Cossano Belbo, complete with original millstones and rollers. Fascinated by the milling activity, he decided to buy it and together with his family, began to produce a range of flours.

Using traditional milling techniques, Mulino Marino produce a simple yet effective range of high quality flours from hand selected grain. Most varieties of Mulino Marino flour are stone ground and all are organic and additive free.

Try the Type ‘00’ Soffiata flour in chewy and crusty breads, the Organic Buckwheat flour for a delicious pain de champagne, Type ‘0’ for perfect pizza bases and Type ‘0’ Organic Manitoba flour for baking Italian traditional enriched breads.

BakeryBits are proud to be the UK’s distributor of the Mulino Marino range. Check out the Mulino Marino range and let us know your experiences baking with Italy’s finest!