Book of BunsI phoned Mexico about midday to chat to Jane Mason about her Book of Buns.  There was no answer, but a text arrived a few moments later.  It’s 6am here...can I call you in a bit?

Despite being mortified at waking Jane up I was delighted to chat to her about an hour later about her fabulous book and how she came to be the founder of Bread Angels, a network of people up and down the land running their very own home baking business called Bread Angels.  Jane explained that she found herself at a crossroads and asked herself, “…do I open a bakery or teach people how to open their own bakeries from home? It was my desire to create social change won and so Bread Angels was created in 2010.”

Baker - Jane MasonAs we chatted about changing the world through bread, I was delighted to discover that Jane is also a long-time customer of BakeryBits and a huge fan. Jane explained how the book was inspired from her time in Mexico and her love of pan dulce. She heard how the buns were made so that the poor could buy bread with dignity.  Of course as the Bread Angels is based on the premise that you can create positive social change though baking bread, it is understandable that this concept of the bun being a bread equating equality appealed to Jane.

I love this book.  It is full of life and like Jane it is fun and interesting, with over 50 recipes in the book is photographed beautifully.  It’s got a slightly Mexican, Latino feel to it with vibrant colours and combinations of flavours that make each recipe more appealing than the last.  I think what I love most about this book though is that the buns are so very bakeable.  The instructions are clear and achievable recipes always appeal to me.

I’m afraid I did have to ask Jane what she most liked about BakeryBits she said without pausing for breath that “ Bakerybits offer such a wide range of fantastic high quality bread making equipment, it is just THE place to go for anything to do with baking bread.  The service is brilliant, everything arrives beautifully wrapped and the invoice is always correct. I love them.”

So I am delighted that we are now stocking this wonderful book, and that Ryland, Peters & Small have been kind enough to allow us to reproduce three recipes (Sfoof, Museli Stangen and Chocolate Sticks), and I would urge you to add this wonderful book to your must-have collection if only because it will inspire you to bake buns.  Lots of them.