We’re busy at the moment, with a new front page which I hope you will like and a whole new section in our shop, the BakeryBits Deli. It’s small at the moment but promises to be a really fast developing corner. The BakeryBits Deli is a special area just for small artisan producers of lovely food and things not otherwise available – unless you knock on their respective doors.

I think it is a really exciting way to find out about some of the thousands of highly skilled but small-scale producers out there.

Pomora Olive Oil - A BakeryBits Deli Supplier

We’ve started with a few today, and this is set to grow so keep checking in to see what's new. To start with we have olive oil like I’ve never experienced before from Pomora, who are focussed on the absolute best olive oil that two Italian groves can produce. Having been taken through the tasting by owner Alun, it has really opened my eyes to the differences in flavour and quality that is available. Like wine, I am a bit ignorant, but, as the cliché goes, I know what I like. Vanessa, with a well-honed palette describes these oils as the best she has ever tasted. These are for savouring in small quantities in salad dressings and for dipping sourdough bread into.

Bermondsey Street Bees - A BakeryBits Deli Supplier

Next is Bermondsey Street Honey, as a beekeeper myself, this is a producer close to my heart. They produce their own honey and also take the best from around the country to create a range of really high quality honey with a complex range of subtle flavours. As a beekeeper, I can vouch for this honey being made with lots of passion and skill the way that honey should be made: spun from the frames and filtered – and nothing else. Commercial honeys get blended with cheap imports, heated, water added and generally processed…not all honeys are alike – and these are the best the UK has to offer.

The Sourdough School - A BakeryBits Deli Supplier

I’m really pleased to be able to show off some of Vanessa’s products in her Sourdough School brand. An area that is also certain to grow, she’s got two lines there at the moment, one of them being her own brand of unrinsed sea salt. Soft and flaky, sea salt is full of trace minerals adding to the subtle but complex flavours and she recommends it for sourdough.

Buzzcloth - A BakeryBits Deli Supplier

Lastly for now, is Buzzcloth. I met Yolanda at the Scything Fayre in Somerset, where John Letts (Heritage Harvest) was competing in one of the scything events. She has a small ethically-run business hand-making a natural and degradable alternative to cling film, plastic boxes and foil. She makes waxed cloth good for wrapping food in – or covering your sourdough pot. Better still, it lasts for about a year and is fully compostable.

We’ll be extending this range so keep checking our Deli page. Want to become a BakeryBits Deli supplier? Let us know.

Don’t forget we have lots of recipes – why not bake Vanessa’s Friday Night Sourdough and use the salt in the dough, spread with the honey and wrap with a buzzcloth?

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Featured Products

Pomora Carmelo’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 250ml | £10.00

Grown on the slope of Mount Etna, Carmelo's Extra Virgin Olive Oil in a 250ml can is one of the finest olive oils we know. Uncompromising in quality of growing, picking and production, this is an oil of the very best quality and of limited supply.

Bermondsey Street Bees Yorkshire Heather Honey | £12.00

The fabulously flowery nose of this Yorkshire heather honey heralds a burst of bittersweet barley-sugar and cinder toffee tastes and granular texture. Warm, with a rich glow on the palate.

The Sourdough School Sea Salt for Sourdough | £2.99

Unrinsed sea salt for Sourdough in a 100g pouch. Salt is essential to add flavour to sourdough and strengthens the gluten network. Unrinsed sea salt is particularly rich in micro minerals including zinc, potassium and iodine.

Buzzcloth Natural Beeswax Cloth – Mini Medley | £10.00

Buzzcloth is a natural beeswax cloth devised and made from organic cloth in Devon as a sustainable alternative to plastic wrappers. This is the "mini" pack comprising one small and one medium waxed cloth.

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