[caption id="attachment_2503" align="alignnone" width="680"]Our baker of the month  - Laura Hart Our baker of the month - Laura Hart[/caption]

Our baker of the month is Laura Hart of Hart's Bakery, Bristol.

We love Laura's determination. She's created a fantastic bakery in an old Victorian train servicing tunnel under the station. The thing that really makes the bakery different is seeing with your own eyes the process of making bread happen in front of you. It's an open bakery and being able to stand and watch a true artisan baker at work while enjoying a coffee or one of Laura's custard tarts, really makes you appreciate what a lot of hard work and love goes into making real bread.

If you live within driving distance or can catch the train into Bristol but haven't yet visited then do. As the baking takes place in front of your eyes, you'll see trays of muffins, croissants, pain au chocolate and tarts coming out of the ovens in front of you. It's a brilliant atmosphere.

Laura and her team also bake a small range of sourdough bread using organic flour, as well as many many other delicious parties, bakes and breads.  There is a simple seating area for people to sit and enjoy a coffee and croissant and they run monthly bread workshops (although they are fully booked until Christmas!)

You can even pop in for lunch where they serve hot lunch special, toasted sandwiches, pasties and sausage rolls. 

All the opening hours, contact details etc on their website.