Little Bakehouse at Launceston is a little artisan sourdough bakery and coffee shop in Launceston, Cornwall.  As well as being a bakery and a coffee shop, serving food all day we also provide sourdough bakery courses.  We have won several Bronze and Silver awards so far in 2014 and 2015 Tiptree World Bread Awards and hope to pass our knowledge onto our students.  We specialise in sourdough breads that don't use any yeast and as a consequence our courses are split over 2 days to allow the night time to long prove the breads ready for baking the following morning,  We run our courses once a month and have a maximum of 4 people on each course so that we can focus on individual needs and have time to cover any questions.  Drinks will be available throughout the course and breakfast on Sunday morning will be provided together with our locally roasted Cornish coffee.  

Course 1 - is for beginner bakers and as well as for those who have made bread before but wish a deeper understanding of sourdough.  The course will cover the background and nutritional benefits of sourdough as well as maintenance of our starter culture and baking 4 different types of sourdough breads.  Students will leave the course with a pot of sourdough culture, course notes and recipes.

Course 2 - is for bakers who have practised their baking skills and are looking to take things a stage further.  We will cover Focaccia, Ciabatta, Brioche and Croissant.  

We feel students benefit from being in a small group, develop a good camaraderie and get some good hands-on experience in a real bakery.  We have found our courses are always well received, students leave confident and happy with their achievements and inspired to go ahead and experiment with their baking.  Please call us to book your place.