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madeleine recipe

  • Les Madeleines de Janet

    I'm really delighted to share the is recipe because we've now got some wonderful French Madeleine tins in. If you haven’t baked a Madeleine then you missing out on one of the most delightful treats I know. The Madeleine is a light French, somewhat sophisticated small cake originating from The northwest of France, and when baked fresh they are utterly irresistible.  I was taught to make Madeleine by an old lady in the village in the southwest of France called Janet. She was in her eighties and had the energy of a toddler.  She'd chat ten the the dozen...

  • Coffee and a Madeleine


    Madeleines are a quick and easy egg sponges baked in a special tray that gives each cake a shell shape, perfect to accompany a quiet 10 minutes with freshly ground coffee, perhaps while contemplating diving into town for the next round of Christmas shopping.

    The recipe here is based on the Madeleine recipe in the new book, Home Bake by Eric Lanlard, which makes just enough to fill the 16 shells of our Madeleine trays. I've used some Fiori di Sicilia instead of the orange blossom water suggested which gives the cakes plenty of citrus fragrance. Read More

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