To impress your Mum this Mother's Day, we've got a delightful selection of beautifully presented and thoughtful gifts ideas to inspire you; from clever baking equipment to essences and an extensive range of hard-to-find products.

Prove To Mum She's The Best!
Our range of cane proving baskets are a great bit of kit for baking buffs and the Round Cane Banneton comes in a choice of five sizes of which the 500g and 1kg models are the most popular. Bannetons or proving baskets are used to support the dough while it rises. Just before the dough goes into the oven to bake it is tipped from the Banneton, before being scored with a grignette (a handled lame or blade) to control how the finished bread looks as it expands in the oven. Round Cane Bannetons are priced from just £13.99 (plus delivery). Click here for more information.


Alternatively, our Oblong Covered Baker is fast becoming a must-have gift. Easy to use, the baker traps the steam and maintains an even baking temperature to give you moist bread with a golden, even and crackly crust and light crumb.


At 37cm in length with an overall height of just 16.5cm there's plenty of room for a 1kg loaf while fitting perfectly on your oven shelf. Priced at just £44.39 (plus delivery). Click here for more information.


If you know your Mum loves artisan baking equipment but you aren't quite sure what she'd like, what about a gift voucher? Posted to your delivery address, within a special voucher holder, each has a unique number which the recipient may use in our online checkout. Click here for more information.

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Oblong Covered Baker

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