If you are wondering what on earth to get your Dad for Father’s Day this Sunday then check out our easy Father’s day gift guide below. Don’t forget to use code FREEFRESHYEAST for a free cube of fresh organic yeast with your order.

SuperFast Thermapen £55.19 - for the gadget-loving Dad.

0-299.9°C in seconds flat. This is the fastest thermometer we’ve ever seen. The SuperFast Thermapen is guaranteed to measure the temperature in 4 seconds, it is more than 50% faster than standard probe thermometers, with a fold-away probe and water-resistant, washable case, large display and accuracy of 0.1°C, Bread expert Dan Lepard says “it’s one of those invaluable gadgets that gives you essential information that you just can’t guess at.”

Digital Timer
£8.99 - exactly what the busy Dad needs.

This digital timer has a loud alarm, which is exactly what most men need when they don’t have time to keep a close eye on the oven. There is an up/down counter that counts hours, minutes and seconds. It comes ready to use with a battery included and it sits upright on a work-surface, and because it goes for 19 hours you can also use it to time when your sourdough starter or poolish is ready to bake with too.

La Cloche £47.99 – for the perfect Dad.

The secret to baking fantastic bread at home is the La Cloche. It is guaranteed to make good bread really great as this clay pot replicates the environment of a professional bakers clay oven. It turns your domestic oven into an artisan baker’s oven and the result is seriously superb bread with a great crust every time.

Peel £17.86 – for the cool Dad

A peel says “I am the kind of Dad that bake pizzas for my kids and their friends.” This is just a beautiful item, and looks superb in any kitchen. With its wooden handle and sleek aluminium head your bread or pizzas can be put onto your baking stone easily and in style.

Welsh Baking Stone £34.80 - for the adventurous Dad.

A dark sleek steel that is just perfect for baking artisan style bread and pizzas, but that your Dad can also use to bake Indian flatbreads, Greek pitta breads and English breakfast muffins on. By getting the cooking surface really hot your Dad’s baked goods will have that wonderful professional bakery finish to them.

Bordelaise Professional Lame or Grignette £9.85 - for the creative Dad.

When your Dad says that his slashing is improving remember to look pleased. Professional bakers each have a signature slash. From a simple cross to a Rembrandt artistic creation, and there is absolutely no reason that your Dad shouldn’t have his own signature on his loaves either.

Mini RayTemp Infrared Thermometer £33.60 - The perfect gift for Father’s Day is the one that...

" .. makes every man that bakes feel like James Bond whilst checking the temperature of his ingredients.” Hand-held, the laser can measure a range of temperatures from -50°C to 330°C. It is perfect for checking the temperature of anything, from the inside of a wood-fired oven to the temperature of the water for your sourdough. It’s also the coolest of kitchen gadget we’ve ever used.

Gift Voucher from £10 - Can’t decide what he’d like?

You can always send your Dad a BakeryBits gift voucher. Order online and we will send the voucher to your Dad’s email address. Easy.

Free Fresh Yeast

Don’t forget - order today and we’ll have your order with you by the weekend and to wish your Dad a very happy day we’ll pop in a free cube of fresh organic yeast with your order (use coupon code FREEFRESHYEAST).

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