How to make a Sekowa Ferment Starter


Stage 1:

A good way to use the Sekowa Baking Ferment is to make up a batch of starter from it which is then consumed as you make your bread recipes. This article shows how to make a batch of the starter (not a sourdough starter) which will keep in your 'fridge for a couple of months, to be used as you need it.

The method is easy but does need a couple of nights in your linen cupboard or similarly warm place.

Stage 1:

Using a large (2-3 litre) bowl, add the Sekowa Special Baking Ferment granules to the warm water and stir ensuring that there are no lumps.

Adding the baking ferment granules

Add and stir in the wholemeal and white flour to form a slack dough using your trustee dough whisk!

Stirring in the flour

Cover well (clingfilm) and place in a linen cupboard overnight - 12-18 hours.

After this time, the dough will be bubbling.

Bubbling takes effect

Stage 2:

Stir the water and flours into the slack dough. The result will be somewhat stiffer.

Adding the remaining flour

Leave to stand again overnight (5-10 hours) again in your linen cupboard.

A finished starter

The dough will rise to double its volume and at this stage, is ready to use. It will collapse down on itself - this is normal.

The remaining starter may be stored in your 'fridge until you need to use it for a couple of months. You may see some clear, grey liquid appear over time - quite normal - just stir it back in (pour it away if you prefer).