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Making Bread Together

Muesli bread Muesli bread

I love a good baking book and even more so if I actually bake from it ….

For Parents and grandparents this is one to sit up and pay attention to because this one is a cracking gift -  Making Bread Together £16.99 –is my favourite book of 2014. I’ve never heard such squeals of delight when I gave this book to my youngest daughter.  It is absolutely brilliant and makes the kind of present that precious memories are made from. The step-by-step pictures, clear instructions and insightful recipes are exactly what you would expect from one the best bakers around, Emmanuel Hajiandreou (helped of course by his son), it is the perfect way to get children in the kitchen and into baking.

You’ll find some background on baking ingredients, essential kitchen equipment, and getting a sourdough starter going, or you can dive straight into recipes for Breakfast, Lunches & Lunchboxes, Afternoon Snack Time, and Sweet Treats.  There is a really easy overnight sandwich loaf; ciabatta “people” ready to be turned into great sandwiches; brioche-based hot dogs for school lunchboxs; banana bread for tea; pitta pockets that expand in the oven before your children's very eyes; and breadsticks for dunking into dips.

Boy baking This book is beautifully illustrated .. but with photos that make the recipe achievable and understandable for both adults and children alike.

Through out there are fun activities to teach children about wheat and flour, show them how yeast works, and it explain how to look after sourdough like a pet, among others.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Emmanuel Hadjiandreou learned his craft in a German bakery and has since worked for both chef Gordon Ramsay and Daylesford Organic  (an award-winning organic farm shop in Oxfordshire, England.) He currently teaches bread-making classes at The School Of Artisan Food in Nottinghamshire, England. His works has won him many awards, such as the Soil Association Organic Food Award for his sourdough. His previous book, the best-selling How to Make Bread, also earned Emmanuel the prestigious Jeremy Round Award for Best First Book at the Guild of Food Writers Awards 2012 and has now been translated into13 languages.


Em at 680 little one

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