I came across this poem in Rachel Ashwell’s shabby chic shop last year. It made me stop for a moment and think about my own mother. I am lucky enough to have a mother who is a marvellous baker. She loves to try out new breads and cakes the family, especially on her grandchildren. It’s so hard to choose something other than just chocolates or flowers but she is always thrilled to receive something that inspires her in the kitchen, so I’ve been through the site and picked out my favourite things that I think any mother would love to receive for Mothers’ day.

“Mother is a little girl who trod my path before me; Just a bigger, wiser, little girl who ran ahead. Bigger, wiser, stronger girl who always watches o’er me, one who knows the pitfalls in the rugged road I tread.

Mother is a playmate who will always treat me kindly. Playmate who will yield me what true happiness demands. She will never let my feet stray into brambles blindly-Mother’s just a bigger little girl who understands.

Mother is an older little playmate who’ll befriend me. Yesteryear she travelled in the path that’s mine today. Never need I fear a foe from which she might defend me-Faithful little pal who ran ahead and learned the way.”

-Poem found in Rachel Ashwell’s book.

My Top 10 Mothers' Day Gifts for Baking Mums.

La Cloche £47.99 – for the discerning mum.

La Cloche The La Cloche is guaranteed to make good bread great as this clay dome replicates the environment of a professional bakers clay oven. As a micro version that turns your domestic oven into an artisan bakers oven and the result is superb bread with a really fantastic crust every time.

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Peel – £22.66 - for the stylish mum.

La Cloche This peel is just a beautiful item, and looks superb in any kitchen. With its wooden handle and sleek aluminium head your bread or pizzas can be put onto her baking stone easily and in style.

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Orange Blossom Water £6.99 - for the romantic mum.

La Cloche This orange blossom essence is quite possibly the most delightful essence I have ever smelt. There is something intrinsically Italian and stylish about this essence. It’s 1930s baking in a bottle, but it also goes beautifully in panna cotta or ice-cream. I will certainly be giving one to my mum (not least because my words are printed on the side of the bottle and she will show all her friends).

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Baking Powder £0.95 – for the wise mum.

La Cloche As any woman who has baked for many years will know, not all baking powders are the same. This organic German baking powder is perfectly blended and guaranteed to get your cakes rising every time.

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9” Chicago Metallic Sponge Tin £13.56 – for the professional mum.

La Cloche No mother should be without these gorgeous tins. My favourite is the 9-inch cake tins are deep, heavy and finished beautifully. These professional tins are what we sell to the commercial bakeries and will last a lifetime – they also make much moister cakes than ordinary tins.

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Rosemary Infused Oil £5 - for the busy mum. This is summer in a bottle.

La Cloche Light fragrant and infused with rosemary, there is to need to do anything other than pop a fresh warm loaf on the table and tear strips off to dip in this oil .. and perhaps pour a large glass of wine to enjoy with it.

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Original Beans Chocolate £ 6.50 – for extraordinary mothers.

La Cloche Original Beans award-winning 70% chocolate from the Virunga National Park in Eastern Congo. Being a mother isn’t just about giving birth. It’s about making a difference in the world. It’s about caring and nurturing, and so often this goes above and beyond what any words could say. This chocolate is perfect for any mother who cares about more. It’s quite possibly one other the most ethically produced chocolate that you could every buy, that also happens to be made with intensely flavored cocoa beans you might ever find, and allows mothers on the other side of the world to plant and look after the rainforest and secure a future for their children.

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Granite Baking Stone, 30cm by 30cm and 3cm thick – for the knowledgeable mother.

La Cloche An eye-catching stone that is perfect for baking artisan style bread and pizzas. By getting the cooking surface really hot your baked goods have that wonderful professional bakery finish to them. The top surface is polished and the edges are bevelled. I particularly love this stone because it’s with stunning looks means that it is equally at home on the side as it is in the oven

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1kg Round Cane Banneton with a wooden base £14.98 – for the artistic mum.

La Cloche Not all proving baskets are the same. Some are better than others. These baskets are a cut above the rest. I know this because I have used mine three times a week for over a year and it still looks like new. They are really useful for getting a consistent size and shape to your bread, but the thing I really love about them is that the natural fibres wick away the moisture to give a better crust, whist leaving a pattern on your bread, which looks fantastic.

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Bordelaise Professional Lame or Grignette £9.85 - for the creative mother.

La Cloche Don’t be alarmed if your mother phones you up to say that her slashing is improving. Professional bakers each have a signature slash. From a simple cross to a complex artistic creation, there is no reason that domestic bakers shouldn’t have their own signature on their loaves either.

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