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olive oil bread

  • Olive Oil Bread in an Oblong Baker

    Olive Oil Bread using an Oblong Covered Baker This loaf has a wonderful crispy crust and is a simple recipe all about the flavour of delicious olive oil in a delightfully crusty white loaf.  The olive oil gives it a light even texture, which goes wonderfully with olives and cured meats. Be wary of over proving, you are far better slightly under proving than over proving. I do have some more advice about this loaf… because I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a bread disappear so fast as this one.  I popped it in the bread bin...

  • Alex Gooch's White Spelt Foccacia

    Last year saw Alex Gooch win the flatbread category of The World Bread Awards with his roast beetroot and Ragstone focaccia.  So we are delighted to share this recipe from Alex. When I asked Alex what it takes to make a winner he replied,  “great bread takes patience and instinct and I love making bread making, it brings you into the moment completely and you just can’t beat that crackle as you squeeze a stone baked ciabatta!” Note that this is not a recipe for the novice, it is for those who already have a feel for baking...

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