Not strictly a bread-related post, but one for the start of the school summer holidays. Muntons has a string of uses for its malted ingredients up its long sleeves. The latest tip from them is to add some Muntons dried malt extract (spraymalt) to your kids' milkshakes.

Adding powdered malt extract to a milkshake is commonly known in the United States as "Malts". Add a spoon or two to your favourite recipe to bring out the fruit or chocolate flavours of the milkshake. For a really malty flavour, add quite a bit more - 10% to 20% will do it.

...and one for the parents...Muntons suggests a malted frappachino. Add a spoonful or so of Muntons dried malt extract into the milk and coffee with crushed ice.

Sounds just right to me should we have a long, hot summer!