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Orange Blossom Brioche in a Pullman

I do like my Pullman pans, especially this one as mine still looks like new after 3 years of use. It is very versatile as it can be used as a straight-sided bread tin with the lid off, or with the lid on to make moist, square, effortlessly sliceable sandwich loaves that are very popular for lunches. There is a lot more that a Pullman pan can do though and so this week Vanessa has come up with a delicate orange blossom water brioche recipe. If you have a particular recipe you’d like Vanessa to develop for one of our tins you can always email any requests. I can’t promise she will do them all but I’m sure she’d pick a few.

The very first job I was given when I started my apprenticeship in the bakery in France was to break the eggs for the brioche. 360 of them to make about 80 brioches ready for market day. We’d sell out by eleven. The brioche were heavenly, but it wasn’t just the fresh eggs, butter or sugar that made them so delicious. It was the addition of a few drops of Orange blossom water. It is so very delicate, and so very French. This recipe really captures a moment of pure unadulterated French baking sophistication.

Take a look at the recipe.

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Something from France


Lames or Grignettes


Heavy-duty, high-quality woven 100% linen, 100cm x 60cm to support proving dough, especially baguettes or bâtons and lining proofing baskets. It helps give the dough a shape and wicks a little of the dough's outer moisture away to help develop a skin to help hold the final shape.

Slashing patterns in your dough needs a grignette. Ordinary kitchen knives tend to drag across the dough or tear. Start using a grignette, as used by baking professionals across the world. BakeryBits is the UK distributor for Mure & Peyrot bakery knives: the number 1 in the market.

BakeryBits is a UK distributor for Panibois and we stock a wide range of their baking cases and proving baskets. Made from fully biodegradable materials, these products are ideal for the presentation of bakes at cake sales, for micro bakeries and restaurants.



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