Original Beans Chocolate  this extraordinary chocolate is as delicious as it is rare. This chocolate from war-torn Eastern Congo and this one in the photo is from the Virunga National Park, Africa’s oldest nature reserve and home of the last mountain gorilla's.

Before cacao trees were cultivated by humans, they grew wild under the lush canopies of diverse forest communities. Even now the finest chocolate is made from the world’s rarest and most flavourful cacao beans that grow in the equatorial rain forests, but the forests that provide our planet with the greatest biodiversity are disappearing at an alarming rate.

Original Beans has committed itself to the conservation of both rainforests and local cacao producing communities. They believe that we must replenish, what we consume. Each Original Beans bar sold replants one tree in the rainforest of origin. One bar plants one tree.Watch for yourself the story of Original Beans and what restaurant and retailer stars have to say about these totally original chocolates, and try some yourself .. Original Beans Chocolate