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Baking Recipes and Advice

  1. Tracebridge Sourdough

    Tracebridge Sourdough
    Sourdough for the Homebaker A day class, 10.30-4.30 where you learn how to make wheat and rye sourdoughs. Everyone (max 6) goes home with a starter culture, the loaves they made and schedule of how they will fit a sourdough regime into their own work/life routine. Taught by Gordon Woodcock of Tracebridge Sourdough; £89 (concessions please ask). Sourdough for the...
  2. Brasserie Bread

    Brasserie Bread
    Brasserie Bread runs regular adult€Ÿës and children€Ÿës classes. For adults there are three hour workshops. These include an introductory class teaching the basic techniques needed to make great bread at home (The Home Baker Workshop) and The Art of Sourdough which covers all the essential skills needed to create a sourdough starter and use it to bake long fermented loaves...
  3. La Cuisine Paris

    La Cuisine Paris
    A French cookery school in the heart of Paris, offering a range of classes conducted in English. Learn how to bake baguettes and fougasse in the French Baguettes & Boulangerie class, or choose to perfect your pastry skills in the Le Croissant & Breakfast Pastries class. Take home freshly baked goodies to enjoy at home, along with newly acquired skills...
  4. Levain Bakery

    Levain Bakery
    The Levain Bakery runs a range of bread making classes which teach essential skills and techniques for baking perfect loaves. Most classes are conducted in Cantonese, but private English classes can be requested.
  5. The New Zealand School of Food & Wine

    The New Zealand School of Food & Wine
    Located in downtown Auckland, the school runs a wide variety of cooking and hospitality courses. The short courses on offer include two covering artisan breads. The Bread Dough To Ciabatta class covers classic white and wholemeal loaves, sourdough and ciabatta, while the Brioche To Focaccia class teaches techniques for making brioche, English muffins, rye sourdough and focaccia.
  6. Brettschneider's Baking & Cooking School

    Brettschneider's Baking & Cooking School
    Baking classes at the school are run by Dean Brettschneider and include Basic Bread Baking, Bread Baking with Grains, and Italian Flatbreads & Pizza. Once you have completed the Basic Bread Baking class, there is the option to extend your skills on one of the two-day advanced bread baking courses.
  7. Crust & Crumb

    Crust & Crumb
    Crust & Crumb is a home bakery in Johannesburg which offers monthly Artisan Bread Making workshops. The one-day class covers the science behind long fermentation bread, as well as the practical techniques for mixing, shaping and baking a perfect loaf. There is a light lunch of freshly baked pizza and lots of hands-on experience.
  8. Le Pain Quotidien

    Le Pain Quotidien
    Bread baking classes are run in Le Pain Quotidien bakeries across the USA. Classes offered vary from one store to another (see website for more information). In each class the Le Pain Quotidien bakers share their favourite recipes, techniques and stories as they teach essential bread making skills.
  9. Beverley Glock Cookery School

    Beverley Glock Cookery School
    Learn how to make bread from scratch by hand, using Beverley’s own tried and tested method, no kneading, just delicious bread using flour, yeast, salt, water, your hands and an oven. Beverley’s courses are no frills, real cookery classes for real people and are located in her home kitchen in her 18th century mill house in the Chilterns. The classes...
  10. Graham's Bakery

    Graham's Bakery
    Interested in baking bread?Why not sign up for one of our bread-making courses? Graham is a highly qualified baker who has a passion for all things bread and loves to share his skills and knowledge. Learn how to create your doughs in a friendly, relaxed environment and gain the skills to produce a variety of bread products. Courses start with...