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Baking Recipes and Advice

  • Pastry Chef/Baker for Baltic Bakehouse Ltd

    Job: Pastry Chef/Baker

    Closing Date: 16-06-2017

    Location: Liverpool

    Remuneration: Negotiable

  • Squeaky Cheese Bread for Your Picnic

    What a lot of eagle-eyed readers there are. I feel suitably chastised following my display of ignorance last week when I described my “teaming bees” rather than “teeming bees” which resulted in many telling us about it. We do our best to catch the typos knowing that we’ll hear about it if we stray too far. Keep it up! The proximity of Foster’s Mill in Swaffham (home to Prior’s Flour) with its neighbouring smock tower mill is unique in the UK. Listed as buildings of national importance, there is a threat to them as is increasingly common throughout the UK...

  • Artisan Bakers for The Bread Factory

    Job: Artisan Bakers

    Closing Date: 30-06-2017

    Location: Hendon, NW London

    Remuneration: £9 - £11 per hour

  • Full-time BAKER for Flour Water Salt

    Job: Full-time BAKER, kneaded!

    Closing Date: 11-06-2017

    Location: Macclesfield

    Remuneration: Dependent on experience

  • May You Be In Rude Health

    We’re quite taken aback by the number of individuals and organisations doing good work related to the baking industry. Schools of course, also community development projects through to historical preservation initiatives. I didn’t think we’d have to make a difficult choice to give away the granite hand-mill to one good home over another, but, to my surprise, we did. In the end we plumped for a project in the Orkney island of Westray (where the earliest representation of the human form in the British Isles was discovered). There, they are developing a hands-on activity centre for visitors to learn how...

  • Malted Beer Bread

    Beer. The word sends me off into a daydream. Proper craft beer made by someone that really cares about the unique flavour and, just like bread, wine or cheese (or coffee, chocolate or tea for that matter), each one has characteristics to respond to, whether a like or dislike. I used to make beer from grains at home a few years ago, with much protestation when the kitchen became engulfed with steaming hops. I’ll have another go soon I hope. Vanessa always knows how to get on the right side of me: she bought me a huge 3 litre bottle...

  • Experienced baker for Hart's Bakery

    Job: Experienced baker

    Closing Date: 21-05-2017

    Location: Bristol

    Remuneration: Dependent on experience

  • Essentials for new bakers

    I get excited when we get a new bit of equipment in. We’ve just had some fermenting jars arrive – lots on these in a week or two although mine will keep me busy this weekend. Sometimes it is good to remember that many of you are quite new to baking bread and, faced with the huge array of baking equipment available, it can be somewhat daunting for a new baker to work out what is really essential to get started. After years of baking in my own kitchen, I’ve learned from experience which equipment I use on a regular...

  • Baker for Happy Toast Bakery

    Job: Baker

    Closing Date: 12-05-2017

    Location: Hedge End

    Remuneration: Good rate of pay based on experience

  • Artisan Baker for Forge Bakehouse

    Job: Artisan Baker

    Closing Date: 20-05-2017

    Location: Sheffield, South Yorkshire

    Remuneration: 17,000-18,500 / bonus scheme / 28 days holiday a year

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