Baking Recipes and Advice

  1. Artisan Baker/Chef for Deveron Projects

    Artisan Baker/Chef for Deveron Projects

    Job: Artisan Baker/Chef

    Closing Date: 25-07-2019

    Location: Huntly, Aberdeenshire, United Kingdom

    Remuneration: £27,500 fixed term for one year
  2. Making a Sekowa Baking Ferment Starter

    A good way to use the Sekowa Baking Ferment is to make up a batch of starter from it which is then consumed as you make your bread recipes. This article shows how to make a batch of the starter (not a sourdough starter) which will keep in your 'fridge for a couple of months, to be used as you need it. Read More
  3. Baker for Williamsons, Northwich


    Location: Northwich Cheshire

    Remuneration: Negotiable

    Closing date: 22 August 2014

  4. Baker for The Bake house

    Baker for The Bake house

    Job: Baker

    Closing Date: 05-10-2018

    Location: Churchstow, South Devon

    Remuneration: £22000 with accomodation
  5. Artisan Baker for Seven Hills Bakery

    The Bertinet Bakery

    Job: Artisan Baker

    Location: Sheffield, United Kingdom

    Remuneration: Negotiable

    Closing date: 7 September 2014

  6. Anna's Kitchen

    Anna's Kitchen
    Anna€Ÿës Kitchen teaches the principles and techniques of breadmaking in small, relaxed groups in a domestic kitchen so that they can be replicated at home. Classes range from everyday bread to Scandinavian, Mediterranean and more. The one-day classes include a homemade lunch, and seasonal half day classes include tea and coffee. They are held mainly on weekdays with the occasional...
  7. Artisan Baker for Baker Tom's Bread

    Baker Tom's Bread

    Job: Artisan Baker

    Location: Redruth, Cornwall, United Kingdom

    Remuneration: Negotiable

    Closing date: 16 October 2014

  8. Redbournbury Mill

    Redbournbury Mill
    Our Master Baker, Steven, offers a class for up to 6 people. The class, which takes place monthly on a Monday involves hands on experience of baking with different techniques including yeasted breads and sourdough breads. Refreshments and lunch are provided. You will also take-home a jute bag containing: recipes, a sour dough starter, Redbournbury Mill flour and tea towel...
  9. Folic Acid for Everyone?

    Folic Acid for Everyone?
    There is something of an uncharacteristic fervour amongst the milling world. The small-scale artisans producing stone-ground flour around the country are concerned about their very existence, all because of folate (or folic acid vitamin B9). Folic acid is needed by us all for cell maintenance but is especially important for pre-pregnancy and pregnant women in order to reduce the chances...
  10. Malted Ingredients in Bread Baking

    Slashed loafIf you make bread then you will usually use the basic ingredients, flour, or a combination of your choice; water; a little salt and yeast (be that fresh, fried, sourdough, a backing ferment or whatever). You might, if using a bread machine, or if you want a more cake-like bread, add some milk, egg or oils to the dough. Then perhaps some seeds such as sunflower, pumpkin, poppy or sesame. There is a range of other, wholesome ingredients that most bakers, especially those who bake at home are not aware of: these are malted ingredients. Read More