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Baking Recipes and Advice

  1. Artisan Baker for Pink Lane Bakery

    Artisan Baker for Pink Lane Bakery

    Job: Artisan Baker

    Closing Date: 30-08-2020

    Location: Newcastle upon Tyne

    Remuneration: dependent on experience
  2. Craft Baker for Flint Owl Bakery

    Craft Baker for Flint Owl Bakery

    Job: Craft Baker

    Closing Date: 31-08-2020

    Location: Glynde, Nr Lewes, East Sussex

    Remuneration: 21k-26k
  3. Dark Rye, Light Rye, White Rye, Wholemeal Rye....and just plain Rye

    Dark Rye, Light Rye, White Rye, Wholemeal Rye....and just plain Rye
    We frequently receive questions about rye flour. "What's the difference between dark rye and wholemeal rye?", "Is rye flour wholemeal?" for example. Hopefully this short and simple article will be just the thing to clear up what you need to know about rye flour nomenclature. Thanks to a conversation with Andrew Wilkinson of Gilchester for some of the details. There...
  4. Mixer man /Baker for Mr

    Job: Mixer man /Baker

    Closing Date: 21-07-2020

    Location: NW95BR

  5. Crop to Crust – The Sequel

    Crop to Crust – The Sequel
    I love that part of our small business at BakeryBits supports and promotes other like-minded businesses. Take British flour mills for example - not just because they produce fantastic tasting flour, but also because buying their flour supports our dwindling stock of working traditional mills, helping to conserve an important part of our history and sustain rural communities. The millers...
  6. Sourdough September PART #1

    Sourdough September PART #1
    Sourdough Special Over the next three weeks we are embracing Sourdough September with a series of newsletters covering questions and answers all related to sourdough. If you would like to send your sourdough query to us by email, send it to vanessa@bakerybits.co.uk. This weekend we will also be hosting a live session on Twitter for your questions that simply can’t...
  7. Back to Basics With Your Banneton

    Back to Basics With Your Banneton
    There is a distinct feeling of autumn in the air and many are rolling up their sleeves to get bread baking again. So what better time to dust off your bannetons and have a sieve through our helpful recap and advice in this week's newsletter? We get fairly regular calls from bakers struggling with their bannetons as I know Vanessa...
  8. Halloween Black Pizza

    Halloween Black Pizza
    Halloween is coming up in a couple of weeks so I thought I'd get our black pizza recipe out to you now so you have time to get the ingredients together - see below. I had an excellent day at the Crop to Crust conference last weekend. It was fascinating to learn more about British growing, milling and baking and...
  9. An International Flavour for your Apples

    An International Flavour for your Apples
    For the first year since planting I have a little glut of apples. It’s taken about 10 years to get this far and I suspect in the years to come I’ll suddenly be up to my neck in them. For now though I don’t want to waste them. Driving around at the moment I notice apples all over the place...
  10. Tibetan Monastery bread

    Tibetan Monastery bread
    I’ve been putting my bees to bed for the winter. Beekeeping always seems to be portrayed as some nostalgic art more at home in a bonnet drama, with permanently blue skies and a bearded monk strolling around a beautifully calm apiary and tons of lovely honey. My experience isn’t quite like that. I’m hoping this is normal. Bees are strange...