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Baking Recipes and Advice

  1. Perfect Presents for the Last-Minute Baker

    Perfect Presents for the Last-Minute Baker
    I’m keeping this short, not least because if you are as busy as we are you’ll need this boiled down. Save your family and friends too much head-scratching trying to work out what you’d like, drop them a hint from the selection below. …You could always buy something for yourself and pop it under the Christmas tree and feign surprise..it’s...
  2. All You Knead To Know This Christmas

    All You Knead To Know This Christmas
    Not quite finished your Christmas shopping? Don't despair: we have some great gifts for baking lovers that can still be ordered online in time for the big day… Our new Oblong Covered Baker is fast becoming one of our most popular gifts. Easy to use, the baker traps the steam and maintains an even baking temperature to give you moist...
  3. Picnic Sandwiches with a Pullman Pan

    Picnic Sandwiches with a Pullman Pan
    I’ve been baking from Nick Malgieri’s book since it was first published. It is a book I like, not least because I had a small hand in converting it from the US to UK version but in particular because the recipes contained are clear and achievable. We have a good range of Pullman Pans (the ones that let you bake...
  4. …and why eating your crust is good for you

    …and why eating your crust is good for you
    We talk a lot about flour and bread ingredients then how to combine and prove them to get the dough ready to bake, and that is very important to making the perfect loaf. Much less attention is given to what happens next: “bake for 40 minutes until done” is typical – but what is actually going on to change a...
  5. Make a Gift of a Panforte

    Make a Gift of a Panforte
    Receiving something home-made is always a bit special, whether something made with a high level of skill and competence or whether a little bit wonky – it is of course the willingness to spend time on someone else that is the delight in these busy times. I think that something home-baked and not at all wonky to eat at Christmas...
  6. Sweet Ricotta and Cream Cheese Danish

    It looks like the artisan bread world is expanding strongly at the moment, judging by the number of jobs being submitted to our jobs board. Hopefully this is a reflection of a general awakening to the experience of a loaf baked by highly skilled craft bakers, and long may it last. The response to our new spiral mixers that we...
  7. Who are our bakers?

    Who are our bakers?
    I’m conscious that week after week I write about something I find interesting, but I don’t know enough about you! We have such a broad range of customers from keen amateurs to Michelin starred restaurants that it seems high time we ask about you and your interests. Hopefully this will let us better focus what we do to suit you...
  8. Our Favourite Norwegian Baker

    Our Favourite Norwegian Baker
    I have a new favourite sourdough book. I spent Saturday with an amazing group of bakers, food writers and Martin Fjeld, half of the Norwegian baking duo Ille Brød and authors of their book “Sourdough” (originally Surdeig). The baking duo describe themselves as “two guys baking organic sourdough bread at home and in a micro bakery”. I am not sure...
  9. Raise Your Spirits With a Tea Loaf

    Raise Your Spirits With a Tea Loaf
    I’m tired of winter now. More gales today flapping roof panels of our warehouse making quite a racket, although I did notice, one afternoon this week while chatting to a delivery driver, the hint of warmth from a fleeting burst of milky sunshine. Spring is coming – at least, I hope so. I can’t wait to see the earth coming...
  10. Spiral Mixers for the Discerning Baker

    Spiral Mixers for the Discerning Baker
    Spiral Mixers for the Discerning Baker A real joy in this business is engaging with a really wide variety of customers looking for anything from a bag of coarse rye flour for fishing (I have no idea) to an expanding bakery looking for 1000 fancy proving baskets. We’re always keeping one ear listening for great ideas for new products and...