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Baking Recipes and Advice

  • Baker / Pastry Chef for Lantern Trading Limited

    Job: Baker / Pastry Chef

    Closing Date: 24-11-2017

    Location: Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham

    Remuneration: £19,446.00 - £23,523.00 per annum

  • The Bakers Secret ingredient

    Diax doesn’t look much – just an off-white flour. But there is more to it than meets the eye: it is a really effective natural improver for all your bread recipes. Used in tiny amounts, it breathes extra life into your dough. Read all about about it below. Have you ever wondered why you can’t quite get the same bread as the professional bakers? Most mass-produced bread is riddled with chemical...

  • Holey Grail: 5 tips for bolder bubbles in your crumb

    If your baking journey has been anything like mine, you’ll have an automatic reverential intake of breath when Dan Lepard is mentioned. The artisan baker’s artisan baker, he is seen around the world as one of the very best. For me there is more though. There are lots of good, even excellent bakers around but Dan is able to articulate his approach to baking bread in a way that most others cannot. Little did I know that more than 12 years since my wife bought me a copy of my now slightly battered The Handmade Loaf that I would...

  • Artisan Baker for The Bakehouse Salcombe

    Job: Artisan Baker

    Closing Date: 04-01-2018

    Location: Churchstow, South Devon

    Remuneration: 22k per annum basic with potential bonus of 2k

  • Experienced Head Baker for Bluebird Bakery

    Job: Experienced Head Baker

    Closing Date: 30-11-2017

    Location: Malton

    Remuneration: 25-30K depending on experience

  • Part-Time Warehouse Operative

    Location: Tonedale, Wellington

    Remuneration: £living wage

    Hours: Thursday to Friday, 09:00-17:30

    The company: BakeryBits Ltd is a busy, young company selling artisan baking equipment and ingredients through the Internet to customers around the world, recently described in The Observer as “the first stop for any serious baker”. The business has a new vacancy in our warehouse in Tonedale, Wellington, which is primarily responsible for getting orders out to our customers.
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  • Full time baker at award winning bakery

    We now have an opening for an artisan baker to join our team. We are a bakery, cafe and bakery school based right in the heart of the City of Bath. Recently named Best Bakery in local food awards, and with plenty of recognition for the quality of what we do, this is a unique opportunity for a driven and hard working individual to join the company. As baker you will in time be running the shifts where we produce a range of breads from straight yeasted to sourdoughs and everything in between. All made using natural ingredients and...

  • Tiggers don’t like honey, but we do!

      Next week is “National Honey Week” and although my bees have been tucked up for the winter, in fairness I am not sure they would care too much to wave the flag for honey. Honey is just another jar on the supermarket shelf, isn’t it? It is very easy, as with most foods, to take it for granted. Actually, beekeeping is a very time consuming business that Man is making evermore difficult through the transportation of diseases and pests around the globe and through the spraying of cocktails of chemicals to keep our crops healthy but...

  • Show me the Milling

    The farmer next door is turning his fields brown as he ploughs this year’s stubble into the ground and sows its winter wheat and other cereals. From the farmers I have spoken to, many have had a poor cereal harvest in the UK since, after a promising spring, we had a long, damp August where it was difficult to harvest the ripe grain. Others though – especially those using multi-strain crops like John Letts, does reasonably well no matter what the weather – just as they did in the Middle Ages. ...

  • Artisan Baker for Two Magpies Bakery

    Job: Artisan Baker

    Closing Date: 30-11-2017

    Location: Southwold, Suffolk

    Remuneration: £25,000 dependent on experience

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