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Baking Recipes and Advice

  1. Demuth's Cookery School

    Demuth's Cookery School
    Demuths cookery school is situated in the centre of Bath, just beside the Abbey and a 5 minute walk from the train station. Our cookery courses are fun, relaxed and full of flavour. We welcome all food lovers, whether you are vegetarian or not, all our courses are suitable for vegetarians, and many are vegan, raw and gluten-free. Led by...
  2. Emma's Bread

    Emma's Bread
    BREAD LIKE BRICKS? Four-hour hands-on lesson in a working bakery to cover basic mixing, kneading and many more mysteries besides to discover the magic of making real bread at home. Small, non-competitive classes. Tuition by baker Emma Parkin held at the Real Food Store 11-13 Paris Street in Exeter. Any queries, please contact us
  3. Bread, Bed and Breakfast

    Bread, Bed and Breakfast
    Our bread baking days, mostly run at Frogmary Farm in Somerset take you from mixing the dough through to shaping and baking, stopping on the way for a lunch of homemade soup, bread and cheese, starting at 10am for coffee and introductions and then: Demonstration of mixing and kneading. Making of basic bread dough from scratch (single prove) Making of...
  4. The Forest Bakehouse

    The Forest Bakehouse
    There is nothing more satisfying than baking your own bread at home. It does not have to be hard work nor is it difficult. At The Forest Bakehouse we run courses for home bakers over two days where we pass on the skills and techniques employed at our bakery which can easily be fitted around a busy home life.
  5. Wychelm Bread School

    Wychelm Bread School
    Perfect for the aspiring home bread baker, Wychelm courses are run personally by Roger Lee. A relaxed atmosphere, small groups (6 maximum) and individual tuition mean that you will learn many new skills, and transfer them directly to your home environment. Why has our reputation for outstanding teaching spread so widely since the first course in February 2012? According to...
  6. New Cutters

    New Cutters
    Beautifully made sharp edged heavy gauge professional cutters We’ve come to the conclusion in the BakeryBits kitchen that anything less than beautifully made isn't worth the money. We've tried all sorts of cutters to find the perfect ones, and what we've discovered are some fabulous quality heavy gauge cutters that have been finished to the highest standard. Of course...
  7. Malted Sourdough Apple Crumble Muffins

    Malted Sourdough Apple Crumble Muffins
    Whether you have an apple tree in your garden or you spot some on offer at the market, it’s been a great year for apples.  While I do love apple crumble, my children don’t want to eat it every night, so I’ve come up with an alternative - apple crumble muffins.  They are deliciously aromatic, with raisins, cinnamon and that...
  8. Sekowa Malted Rye Loaf

    Sekowa Malted Rye Loaf
    The Germans are known the world over for their rye breads. They also have a hugely popular product called Sekowa, which is essentially a ferment not dissimilar to sourdough that they use to bake long slow fermented bread with. Unlike sourdough though, Sekowa is made using honey, organically grown peas, wheat and maize and the microorganisms are a result of...
  9. Heritage Flour Blended Loaf, 50%

    Heritage Flour Blended Loaf, 50%
    Baking with heritage flours compared with modern varieties can present some interesting challenges which are worth the effort to overcome. Some will, if used as a direct replacement for a modern fluffy white flour will give a denser texture, which of course would have been the norm. However, what they lack in bounce they more than make up for in...