Baking Recipes and Advice

  1. Head Baker for Lardo


    Job: Head Baker

    Location: London, United Kingdom

    Remuneration: Dependent on experience

    Closing date: 12 October 2014

  2. Bakery Assistant - Full Time for Better Health Bakery

    Bakery Assistant - Full Time for Better Health Bakery

    Job: Bakery Assistant - Full Time

    Closing Date: 22-12-2017

    Location: E8 4ED, London

    Remuneration: 17,745
  3. Don’t Suffer Ropey Bread

    Don’t Suffer Ropey Bread
    The warm weather is lovely, or at least, I think it is. The garden doesn’t really agree: peas have panicked and courgettes are a bit sad. The promised storms and heavy rain haven’t materialised yet, at least, not in the southwest. The results for UK cereals is that rye harvest is ahead and looking really good compared to the disaster...
  4. Christmas is coming!

    Christmas is just around the corner and we have seen our first sleet of the season this morning, here in East Devon. We’ll be sending out pressie ideas over the next weeks as we get closer and to give you early birds some inspiration, don’t forget to take a look at our new baking kits comprising bits and pieces for...
  5. The Chicago Metallic Range.

    The Chicago Metallic Range.
    It used to be that you only get an “oo” with Typoo. (For those of us old enough to remember that), but when people pick up a Chicago Metallic tin the most common reaction is quite literally an oo. What you can see online when you look at photographs is a clean design, with a super gun metal finish, but...
  6. Caramel, Banana and Walnut Loaf Tinned Loaf

    Caramel, Banana and Walnut Loaf Tinned Loaf
    What a strange time we are going through politically, with plenty of madness in every direction it seems to me. It makes me want to take shelter with some comfort food. Something with both nuts and bananas (nice straight ones if you believe the Euromyth!) seems apt. I asked Vanessa to come up with something along this theme, something we...
  7. Baker for Real Patissiere, Brighton


    Job: Baker

    Location: Brighton, United Kingdom

    Remuneration: Dependent on experience

    Closing date: 30 October 2014

  8. Squeaky Cheese Bread for Your Picnic

    Squeaky Cheese Bread for Your Picnic
    What a lot of eagle-eyed readers there are. I feel suitably chastised following my display of ignorance last week when I described my “teaming bees” rather than “teeming bees” which resulted in many telling us about it. We do our best to catch the typos knowing that we’ll hear about it if we stray too far. Keep it up! The...
  9. The Bread School

    The Bread School
    Hi my name is James Mettam and I work professionally as a Baker at Britain's best farm shop. I am a qualified Baker and it is my aim to teach people how to make good honest 'Real Bread' using just Flour, Water, Salt & Yeast. No additives are needed to make great bread. I hold a Chartered Institute of Environmental...
  10. Confectioner/Baker for Burgers Artisan Bakery, Marlow

    Burgers Artisan Bakery

    Job: Confectioner/Baker

    Location: Marlow, Bucks, United Kingdom

    Remuneration: Negotiable dependent on experience

    Closing date: 28 November 2014