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Baking Recipes and Advice

  • Raise Your Spirits With a Tea Loaf

    I’m tired of winter now. More gales today flapping roof panels of our warehouse making quite a racket, although I did notice, one afternoon this week while chatting to a delivery driver, the hint of warmth from a fleeting burst of milky sunshine. Spring is coming – at least, I hope so. I can’t wait to see the earth coming back to life and getting outside again. My wife would tell me to put on more layers and go outside anyway, but it isn’t quite the same. Not when there is a warm kitchen inside. ...

  • Part-Time Artisan Baker, Seven Hills Bakery, Sheffield

    Seven Hills Bakery

    Job: Part-Time Artisan Baker

    Location: Sheffield, United Kingdom

    Remuneration: £8.45ph

    Closing date: 2 April 2017

  • Spiral Mixers for the Discerning Baker

    Spiral Mixers for the Discerning Baker A real joy in this business is engaging with a really wide variety of customers looking for anything from a bag of coarse rye flour for fishing (I have no idea) to an expanding bakery looking for 1000 fancy proving baskets. We’re always keeping one ear listening for great ideas for new products and we have a long list for evaluation at the moment. This one was easy and I have Vanessa to thank for this one as she’s been looking for...

  • Sweet Ricotta and Cream Cheese Danish

    It looks like the artisan bread world is expanding strongly at the moment, judging by the number of jobs being submitted to our jobs board. Hopefully this is a reflection of a general awakening to the experience of a loaf baked by highly skilled craft bakers, and long may it last. The response to our new spiral mixers that we launched last week has been extraordinary – further evidence of the strength of the artisan bakery sector. We’ve gone for a Danish pastry recipe this week. Still a yeast-based bake and with its own challenges, detailed steps for which are...

  • Beauty and Utility in our Handmade Lame

    Having baked as an amateur for over 20 years, I am still surprised at how much there is still to learn and how many new ingredients and pieces of equipment are out there waiting for us to discover them. We’ve a healthy list of things to research and evaluate for adding to our range over the coming year – I am constantly surprised that some overseas manufacturers need to be persuaded to export their products with some refusing to sell outside their home turf. We’ve a few tricks up our sleeves to overcome most cases though. Other times, like this...

  • New in – Best British Chapatti Flour

    I’ve known Charles and David Howell of Offley Mill for some years and was most intrigued that a traditional watermill in Shropshire should specialise in chapatti flour rather than the more typical mix of flours. The Howell family has been milling since 1740 at one time owning several mills. Now at Offley Mill, in 1998 they decided to specialise in serving the Asian community in the Midlands with chapatti flour. Delivered directly to customers’ kitchens in 25kg sacks, this has kept them busy for almost 20 years. We’ve wanted to be able to offer a British chapatti flour for some...

  • Baker for Stir Bakery

    Stir Bakery

    Job: Baker

    Location: Cambridge

    Remuneration: Dependent on experience

    Closing date: 17 Apr 2017

  • Experienced Artisan Baker for St John Bakery Company

    St John Bakery Company

    Job: Experienced Artisan Baker

    Location: Bermondsey, London

    Remuneration: £21-26,000 depending on experience

    Closing date: 20 Apr 2017

  • Why the Fuss About Stoneground Flour?

    When I make my bread at home I know as we all do that wholegrain flour is the way to go for health with all its fibre and nutritional qualities. Luckily I like the flavour too so my loaves are rarely made with only white flour. There is more to it than this though: I often hear that stoneground flour is be better for you than roller-milled, but wondered how true this is? At recent conference we were told that only 0.05% of the flour milled in the UK is stoneground. That’s a tiny proportion of the UK four market...

  • Baker for The Cake Shop Bakery

    The Cake Shop Bakery

    Job: Baker

    Location: Woodbridge, Suffolk

    Remuneration: £20-25,000

    Closing date: 1 May 2017

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