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Baking Recipes and Advice

  • Blueberry & Buckwheat Pancakes

    It’s pancakes week on Tuesday February 17th this year and I always ask myself why it is that we only make pancakes once a year? They are simple nutritious and taste amazing.  In fact pancakes should really be made once a week ... not once a year. This pancake recipe is especially for all those people out there that just think that the usual sugar and lemon juice is just a bit same old same old: I’ve reworked this classic marriage of tart and sweet using blueberries, buckwheat and lime. The buckwheat flour adds a nutty undertone; the blueberries are...

  • Francis Quinn's Chai Cinnamon Swirl

    When it is cold outside this fabulous recipe from Francis Quin, last year's British Bake Off winner, is perfect to enjoy with a pot of hot tea. We really like how Francis encourages everyone to have a go, inspiring us all to bake more; as you can see from this recipe she manages to be both down to earth with her approach while still being brilliantly creative. No wonder she won! "I love cinnamon, especially in the form of cinnamon rolls and chai tea lattes so decided to combine the two together in my chai tea loaf...

  • All You Knead To Know This Christmas

    Not quite finished your Christmas shopping? Don't despair: we have some great gifts for baking lovers that can still be ordered online in time for the big day… Our new Oblong Covered Baker is fast becoming one of our most popular gifts. Easy to use, the baker traps the steam and maintains an even baking temperature to give you moist bread with a golden, even and crackly crust and light crumb.   At 37cm in diameter with an overall height of just 16.5cm there's plenty of room for a 1kg loaf while fitting perfectly on your oven shelf. Priced at...

  • The Perfect last minute Christmas gift for bakers

    Every year there is a kind of irony that while I’ve been busy working all hours, giving our customers advice on Christmas gifts, packing boxes full of baking equipment and sending out orders all week, I haven’t done my own shopping. The idea of finishing work and then facing the high street for my shopping fills me with festive dread, especially because more often that not I am not even sure what to buy. With those thoughts in mind we have come up with, what we think is a great idea – an instant gift voucher. You can, in less...

  • Original Beans Chocolate

    Original Beans Chocolate  this extraordinary chocolate is as delicious as it is rare. This chocolate from war-torn Eastern Congo and this one in the photo is from the Virunga National Park, Africa’s oldest nature reserve and home of the last mountain gorilla's. < Before cacao trees were cultivated by humans, they grew wild under the lush canopies of diverse forest communities. Even now the finest chocolate is made from the world’s rarest and most flavourful cacao beans that grow in the equatorial rain forests, but the forests that provide our planet with the greatest biodiversity are disappearing at an...

  • Fairtrade, Organic Cocoa Powder

    Our Cocoa powder is priced at just £3.85  and is both organic and fairtrade. It’s wonderful stuff in cakes, not at all bitter and also happens to make really delicious hot chocolate.  Perfect to warm you up on a frosty day.

  • Vanessa’s Very Best Christmas Gift Ideas

    Making memories We all have our favourite Christmas moment. Mine is hanging my children’s first shoes on the Christmas tree. It is a moment tinged with both joy and nostalgia as I reflect how another year has gone by so quickly and I realise that Christmas is special because we make time to be together. From the book - Making Bread Together A loaf of bread is more delicious when you are sitting around a big pot of soup...

  • Making Bread Together

    Muesli bread I love a good baking book and even more so if I actually bake from it …. For Parents and grandparents this is one to sit up and pay attention to because this one is a cracking gift -  Making Bread Together £16.99 –is my favourite book of 2014. I’ve never heard such squeals of delight when I gave this book to my youngest daughter.  It is absolutely brilliant and makes the kind of present that precious memories are made from. The step-by-step pictures, clear instructions and insightful recipes are exactly what you would expect...

  • Mincemeat Tart

    Mincemeat Christmas Slices I'm not a big fan of lots of pastry and I often find that mince pies can be more pastry than mincemeat, so this is my alternative version.  It is mincemeat sandwiched between a a sweet yeasted bread base and frangipani topping, and finished with a scattering of snow sugar.  I recommend using the pie baker (Cloche base) gives a wonderful even bake and stops the base from drying out. Makes 12 pieces For the base
: 7g osmotolerant yeast 75g full cream milk (at room temperature) 20g golden syrup 5g vanilla extract 1 large...

  • The most delicious things at Christmas are home baked

    I’m not a fan of most shop-bought mince pies. They tend to be too sweet, never have enough mincemeat and the pastry is not even close to being as good as homemade ones. Sometimes there is more pastry than pie, so I asked Vanessa to come up with delicious step-by-step mincemeat tart recipe that uses a sweet-yeasted bread as the base and an almond frangipane topping. Vanessa’s baking tips This tart is deliciously moist, in part because it is baked in a cloche...

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