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Baking Recipes and Advice

  1. Sourdough baker for The Snapery Bakery

    Sourdough baker for The Snapery Bakery

    Job: Sourdough baker

    Closing Date: 21-02-2020

    Location: South Bermondsey

    Remuneration: Depending on experience
  2. Artisan Baker for Leeds Bread Coop

    Artisan Baker for Leeds Bread Coop

    Job: Artisan Baker

    Closing Date: 09-03-2020

    Location: Leeds, UK

    Remuneration: £8.21 an hour (we have a flat wage structure – everyone at Leeds Bread Co-op gets paid the same hourly rate), plus generous holiday entitlement.
  3. Rye crispbread rolls with roasted vegetables, barley and goat’s cheese

    Rye crispbread rolls with roasted vegetables, barley and goat’s cheese
    Back in 2003 when I was writing my sourdough book “The Handmade Loaf” I travelled to Sweden to understand rye crispbreads better and made my way to the organic Roslagsbröd bakery. There, huge dimpled rollers were part of the wheel and belt old-school mechanism used – fascinating to watch in its complex Heath-Robinson ingenuity – as they squished and extruded the sticky grey rye dough into pitted sheets that were cut into rings and baked. The machinery made quick work of a very old home method to turn flour into crispbread that would store for months once dried in front of a fire. At home, a knobbly Kruskavel rolling pin would be used, rolling out a simple rye dough – 200g water, 100g rye sourdough at 1:1, ¾tsp salt, and enough rye flour (say 200g) to make a soft mixture – to be cut into discs. Sometimes today you’ll find them made with a mix of rye and wheat flour, and even with other ingredients added.
  4. Which Yeast is Which?

    Which Yeast is Which?
    There is a wide range of yeast available at BakeryBits. Which one should you choose, what's the difference, how should they be used? Some yeasts are general purpose while others are specifically formulated for a particular job - raising a high-sugar dough sugar as panettone for example. Many versions of yeast have arisen in response to commerical bakery plants that...
  5. Baker for Wild Hearth Bakery

    Baker for Wild Hearth Bakery

    Job: Baker

    Closing Date: 01-03-2020

    Location: Comrie, Scotland

    Remuneration: £19,344 p.a. (negotiable)
  6. 100% Emmer bread with pumpkin seeds and black barley malt

    100% Emmer bread with pumpkin seeds and black barley malt
    Emmer is the perfect flour when you want a bread with heartiness and body, something finely milled everyday wheat flours never really achieve, as they’re not milled for that purpose. In this month’s Bakery Bits recipe I’ve used Gilchester’s Organic Emmer Flour in a method typically used for 100% rye flour breads, where at least half of the flour is fermented overnight – either using yeast or sourdough – then made into a soft batter-like dough the following day with grated vegetable - say pumpkin or carrot - seeds, more Emmer flour, salt and some dark malt to give it a deep blackish colour. The resulting loaf is firm, packed with flavour and heavily seeded. Slice it thinly as you might with a Scandinavian rye bread, perfect for open-faced smoked salmon sandwiches, or as I’m eating it right now: toasted with some great marmalade.
  7. What is Emmer Flour?

    What is Emmer Flour?
    Emmer wheat (Triticum dicoccum), milled to make Emmer flour, was domesticated from a wild grass and Einkorn in the Ancient Near East over 9,000 years ago. Einkorn, together with naked barley, arrived in Britain around 2,000BCE, where together they were believed to have been the principal bread “corn” of Bronze Age farmers. Emmer was not a very high-yielding wheat so...

    Organic bread baking for beginners. Weekly Loaves | Pizza Bases | Special Bakes In our one day workshops we cover the basics, methodology, looking at the ingredients, learning the differences between flours and yeasts, measuring and kneading a great bread dough. At the end of the day you'll be armed with enough knowledge to enjoy baking all your own loaves...
  9. Introduction to Sourdough

    Introduction to Sourdough
    A day course with an introduction to making sourdough. Learn how to make a basic loaf and take one home to bake in your home oven. Also learn how to use your starter to make focaccia, ciabatta and a rye bread. Lunch is included in the day. More details on www.sarahraisbeck.co.uk
  10. Christmas Chocolate & Cardamom Twist Recipe

    Christmas Chocolate & Cardamom Twist Recipe
    Here in this month’s recipe I’ve combined the beautiful Spring Oven with Redbournbury’s flour to make a Christmas Twist loaf, with the cardamom-spiced dough rolled thinly and layered with ground almonds, butter, chocolate and brown sugar. Serve it warm with a little brandy syrup and soft whipped cream spooned over.