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Baking Recipes and Advice

  • Malted Caramel Slices

    Caramel slices have never - until now - been high on my list of sweets. Usually the biscuit base is too dry and the rest just sweet and rather tasteless. Not so with these! Muntons gave me a recipe to try using their Spraymalt (dried malt extract, DME) and malt extract in place of some of the sugars and golden syrup in the traditional recipe, in both the base and the caramel, from a staff member there called Patsy. What a transformation. The overtones of Ovaltine/Maltesers makes these really delicious with a much more complex flavour. It has been a job to keep them long enough to grab a photo. Read More

  • Wicker Proving Baskets

    Wicker Proving BasketsWicker Baskets are a traditional, wicker proving basket, lined with a linen cloth. At BakeryBits we keep these in various sizes and shapes, the weight indicating the weight of the dough that the basket is designed for. This is a nominal weight as some doughs are denser than others - although it's a pretty good guide Read More

  • Baguettes, baguettes!

    Javier Mercado teaches students at Westminster College for a foundation degree in Culinary Arts. He teaches breads and decorative showpiece breads and yesterday taught a session making baguettes using our rolling boards, couche rolling cloths and grignettes. The photo is the result of their first go - pretty good!

  • Malted Ingredient - Characteristics

    Malted ingredients, like other complex flavours, such as coffee, chocolate, bread, beers and wines attract attempts to describe their smells and flavours which are very subjective. We've done ourselves it by talking about RBM as having a hint of coffee about it. But, malted ingredients have much more to them than that: they have characteristics that alter the way the dough and bread behaves, looks, feels and proves. Read More

  • The San Francisco Sourdough has landed!

    Phew, an expedited batch of San Francisco Sourdough Starter has just arrived from San Francisco. The other shipment is still languishing in Germany. According to the United States Postal Service, Germany is the next in the drop-down list of countries, to Great Britain. No points for being close though...They say that the parcel will be re-routed "at some time". Lucky there is no rush! Powered by Qumana

  • Roasted Barley Malt Flour, just arrived

    Just arrived at BakeryBits is Munton's RBM or Roasted Barley Malt Flour. Just the smell of it, with a hint of coffee, is enough to start salivating. It is used in very small quantities, around 0.5%-1% (5-10g per 1kg flour) in brown breads, rolls or bagels to give them a darker, richer colour and a more complex, malty flavour. It can also be added to rye breads to give them similarly warmed colour. Read More

  • Frequently Asked - What Size Proving Basket?

    We are often asked about the size of baskets that customers should go for and  whether the weight given with the proving basket description is the weight of the basket, the dough or the amount of flour to use for that basket.

    How much dough will the banneton hold?

    Read More

  • Icelandic Ash Hampers Sourdough Bread Bakers!

    A large delivery of San Francisco Sourdough Starters left California the day before the airspace closed en route for BakeryBits.

    So, where is it? Germany, apparently. No one really knows where it is or when it'll turn up. How the volcano managed to time its eruption with a hugely increased demand I don't know...

    Read More

  • Cane Proving Baskets

    Cane Baskets

    Cane Baskets are the most popular proving baskets at BakeryBits. They give an attractive, traditional swirl pattern to the bread, a hallmark of artisan bread. They come in a few, simple shapes including round, oval and baton or baguette and are listed by the nominal amount of dough they are intended for. So, a 500g round banneton, is designed to hold about 500g of dough, 1kg for 1kg dough and so on (exact quantities depend on the specific recipe you choose, but this is a good guide). Read More

  • Choosing and Using Cane Proving Baskets

    What is a Proving Basket?

    The proving basket, known in France as a Banneton and in Germany as a Brotform - and all three in English is used to support the bread dough while it proves just before it is baked. They give support the hand-shaped dough which is particularly important with doughs with a high water content and with slow-proving naturally-leavened breads. Read More

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