Baking Recipes and Advice

  1. Night Baker for Da Bara Bakery


    Job: Night Baker

    Location: Truro, Cornwall


    Closing date: 18 June 2014

  2. Price & Sons

    Price & Sons
    Held at the Acton Scott Historic Working Farm, this course is run by a master baker and covers basic breadmaking including how to mix, knead, ferment and bake dough. During the day participants will look at the types of flours and yeasts available. You will then practice shaping dough and be guided through dough development, proving and baking. You will...
  3. Head Baker for lovecrumbs

    Head Baker for lovecrumbs

    Job: Head Baker

    Closing Date: 23-08-2019

    Location: Edinburgh

    Remuneration: £21,500+ depending on experience
  4. Proving Baskets

    Proving or Proofing baskets (called Brotformen by the Germans and Bannetons by the French - and all four by the English), are used to support the bread dough while it proves just before it is baked. They support the hand-shaped dough during the final prove; this is particularly important with doughs with a high water content and with slow proving...
  5. Malted Ingredients

    Slashed loafIf you make bread then you will usually use the basic ingredients, flour, or a combination of your choice; water; a little salt and yeast (be that fresh, fried, sourdough, a backing ferment or whatever). You might, if using a bread machine, or if you want a more cake-like bread, add some milk, egg or oils to the dough. Then perhaps some seeds such as sunflower, pumpkin, poppy or sesame. There is a range of other, wholesome ingredients that most bakers, especially those who bake at home are not aware of: these are malted ingredients. Read More
  6. Sekowa Backferment

    Sekowa Spezial Backferment or baking ferment is a German bread-proofing product or ferment containing natural yeasts and enzymes and an alternative to commercial fast-acting engineered yeasts. The resultant bread has an excellent crust and non-sourdough flavour but gives a similar wild-yeast soft, open crumb that keeps well. Read More