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pain de mie

  • Pain de Mie (French Sandwich Bread)

    Pullman Tins or Pans, also known as, pain de mie are used to bake sandwich loaves - a loaf with equal square sides resembling a Pullman railway coach - hence the name. Pullman pans have a lid, making the bread bake in a confined space, giving it a texture which is firm and fine and the crust soft, so perfect for even slices of bread for sandwiches We love the Pullman tins from USA Pans and this recipe is from Bread by Nick Malgieri, published by Kyle Books, priced £18.75 *Photography by Romulo Yanes French Sandwich Bread Mie is French...

  • Practically Perfect Pullman (13" pan)

    Pullman Pan Loaf

    After many requests, here is our simple recipe for a very soft white loaf which is excellent for packed lunches. It is certainly seems to make a popular change with the children from the more usual sourdough loaves that they have to suffer! I suppose that we could all do with light and fluffy once in a while. Read More

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