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pancakes recipe

  • Blueberry & Buckwheat Pancakes

    It’s pancakes week on Tuesday February 17th this year and I always ask myself why it is that we only make pancakes once a year? They are simple nutritious and taste amazing.  In fact pancakes should really be made once a week ... not once a year. This pancake recipe is especially for all those people out there that just think that the usual sugar and lemon juice is just a bit same old same old: I’ve reworked this classic marriage of tart and sweet using blueberries, buckwheat and lime. The buckwheat flour adds a nutty undertone; the blueberries are...

  • Sourdough Scotch pancakes

    This recipe comes from Vanessa Kimbell, our resident baking expert.

    More often than not I am asked what to do with the leftover starter that is normally discarded after refreshing sourdough starter ready for some bread baking. It seems a shame when it’s still relatively fresh and has developed such a lovely sour flavour to just throw it away. Continue reading

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