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  • Panettone - tricky but reliable

    Another recipe from our resident expert, Vanessa Kimbell. Vanessa has come up with an exhaustively tested recipe that although quite challenging is an achievable version of panettone that you will love to eat and impress your friends and family. You can get all the ingredients and the panettone cases needed (except for the basic larder ingredients) in our BakeryBits Panettone Kit. If you need a sourdough starter, then add our San Francisco starter.

    Panettone is tricky. I was chatting to chef Carlo Cracco in Milan last week, who is regarded by many as the perhaps the most supreme exponent of Italian Cuisine, about developing a practical and yet authentic panettone recipe for home bakers  - he laughed out loud exclaiming that even he didn’t make his own as they are so notoriously difficult to get right.

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  • Perfect Pandoro

    If making Pandoro sounds like a lot of effort to go to for Christmas .. you’d be entirely wrong. This straightforward recipe from food writer Vanessa Kimbell may not be the 3-day process that the original recipe comes from, but as she says in her house it took about three minutes to devour so she recommends making two at the same time! This is an easy recipe but can be just as complex in character as the complicated one .. if the right ingredients are used. For me the essence from BakeryBits just knocked up the flavour, and the...

  • Colomba Pasquale - Easter Dove Cake

    Colomba Pasquale

    Colomba Pasquale is a soft, intensely orangey cake with an almond topping, used to celebrate Easter in Italy. It is a member of the panettone family baked in a stylised dove shape, made with almonds, candied peel and Veneziana essence. The cake is eaten when (in Italy) both oranges and almonds are in blossom, celebrating the promise of the crop to come. Read More

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