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  • Vanessa’s Easy Colomba Pasquale

    Forget Easter eggs this year and treat everyone to a Fresh Pasquale di Colombo.  This is a simple 3 hour recipe for a Colomba Pasquale that really is rich and light. Made with butter and eggs and a good high protein Manitoba flour, it has all the texture you would expect from a traditional Italian festival cake and has a wonderful fragrance of orange, mandarin, orange lemon and vanilla from the Fiori di Sicilia.  Do use the osmotolerant yeast – it is specifically used to cope with bread enriched with eggs and butter. Makes 1 Colomba Pasquale in a...

  • A history of Colomba Pasquale

    A traditional Colomba Pasquale or Colomba di Pasqua, meaning Easter Dove, is sweet bread made at Easter from dough, which is similar to Panettone. Most Italians will agree that traditionally it is shaped like a stylised dove and covered in pearl sugar and studded with almonds, what they don’t agree in is the origin of this cake. According to one legend it was first seen after the battle of Legnano in 1176 when cities of the Lombard League defeated Emperor Frederick Barbarossa, who was intent on capturing Italy for on behalf of the pope and the Holy Roman Empire...

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