Looking to indulge a passion for artisan baking this Christmas?
Why not add a twist to traditional Panettone with our special Aroma Panettone essence.

The essence contains the exquisite Fiori di Sicilia but adds to it further flavours and aromas suited specifically to Panettone dough – like candied fruit, vanilla, honey and spices – so that the quantity of those ingredients can be kept lower.


By adding essential oil that contains these flavours the texture of the Panettone crumb will stay very light and open. The essence comes in a 100ml dropper bottle and can also be used in custards and puddings. Recommended usage is 1-2 tsp per kilo of dough. Priced at just £6.99 (plus a delivery). Click here for more information. for more information.


To bake your special Panettone, we also offer a variety of cases for individual Panettone. The special tubular Panettone cases range from 70mm diameter suitable for approximately 100g or 4oz dough, to 170mm diameter suitable for approximately 1kg of dough and are designed to free-stand in the oven while the Panettone bakes, and for presentation of the baked cake. Panettone cases are priced from just £2.99 for a pack of 25, (100g or 70mm) to £4.49 for a pack of 25, (1kg or 170mm). Click here for more information.

Orders can be made online up to the

22 December for next day delivery.

Panettone Cases

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