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pullman pan

  • Orange blossom brioche bread

      The brioche are still pride of place on the counter in the bakery where Vanessa did her apprenticeship. Orange blossom brioche bread Heaven is lightly toasted brioche,  marmalade and a pot of tea. The very first job I was given when I started my apprenticeship the bakery in the south of France was to break the eggs for the brioche.  We had an order and I had to break 360 eggs to make about 80 brioches for an order and for market day. The smell in the bakery was what I imagine heaven to...

  • Pain de Mie (French Sandwich Bread)

    Pullman Tins or Pans, also known as, pain de mie are used to bake sandwich loaves - a loaf with equal square sides resembling a Pullman railway coach - hence the name. Pullman pans have a lid, making the bread bake in a confined space, giving it a texture which is firm and fine and the crust soft, so perfect for even slices of bread for sandwiches We love the Pullman tins from USA Pans and this recipe is from Bread by Nick Malgieri, published by Kyle Books, priced £18.75 *Photography by Romulo Yanes French Sandwich Bread Mie is French...

  • USA Pan 9" Pullman Loaf

    Our 13" Pullman Pan from Chicago Metallic has been very popular, and has prompted requests for a smaller version and so we have started to stock a 9" Pullman by USA Pan, a sister company to Chicago Metallic. The recipe below is based on the Practically Perfect recipe, adapted to fill the 9" pan. Using the quantities below, you have the basis upon which your can alter the recipe to suit you. Ingredients: 385g Little Salkeld White flour (75%) 115g  Little Salkeld Granarius flour (25%) 25g Dried Malt Extract (or milk power) (5%) 12g sugar (2.5%) 25g softened butter (5%) 300g warm...

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